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Things to do in Prague

Best Destinations - Amanda - October 14, 2017


Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is simple and most famous square in Prague. It is large and filled with full of tourist attractions. Probably the best known is an astronomical clock with 12 saint’s figures strolling in the windows. This is an excellent place to wander around and enjoy the ambiance of the place whether it’s during the day or evening. The square in Prague, in general, is one of the most beautiful places in central Europe. This spot is the tourist hub of fantastic architecture and for a lot of entertainment. When you travel to Prague Old Town Square is a must-see spot, visiting it is a wonderful cultural experience.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge has a beautiful view of the Vltava River and statues along the bridge. There are many beautiful attractions and incredible bridge sceneries are there. This is one of the best landmarks of Prague; make sure that your visit should be the early morning visit because it gets fully packed with tourists. It looks more beautiful at night time around the bridge and there are a lot of other sightseeing places are there. The Charles Bridge is a must-see spot who are interested in a traveler to Prague. It has a remarkable history and offers great views of the whole city.

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is a beautiful gothic church in the Prague Castle area. The cathedral is located within the grounds of the Prague Castle. The size is incredible and impressive, both from the outside and inside. The architectural design is remarkable. The stained glass windows, altars, chapels, and ornamentations are impressive and majestic. If you have already visited other European countries with castles, you will find Prague Castle to be a bit lackluster, except for St. Vitus Cathedral. It is stunning and worth waiting also don’t miss the details of the gargoyles while you wait. Inside there is something to see at every turn. St. Vitus Cathedral is well worth the visit and worth the little bit of extra cost to climb up to the tower. Just make sure that you can physically make the climb. This is one of the beautiful places and it is worth visit for Prague tour with your friends and families.

Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is a short trip, from the center of Prague. The Prague Zoo is basically a park with good-sized enclosures for about more than fifty different types of larger animals and the usual mix of lizards, birds, and fish. A highlight of this place is the gorillas, elephants, giraffes, and the fruit bats. It is a brilliant place to if you visit Prague; this is the best spot for adults and kids. Best time to visit is a mainly dry day like April- October, though there are many exhibitions you can pop-in to if there’s an odd shower – the Elephant Paper Workshop is fascinating.

Lobkowicz Palace

The Lobkowicz Palace in Prague is an absolute treat for anyone with a bit of background knowledge of 16th-17th century Europe. They have restored the palace and opened it up as a museum. They have a good restaurant too and the audio tour is also there if you need. This is a must see if you’re travel to Prague. This Palace offers classical concerts and a good private collection of art from Central Europe.

Spanish Synagogue, Jewish Museum in Prague

Jewish Museum is a beautiful section of Prague. The history of the building and the gathering is very interesting. Visually it is the stunning place. The Synagogue offers not just the historical effects also associated with it but the culture. The exhibits are very interesting and worth the visit to Prague. Therefore, this is a must-see to encourage people to learn about the dwindling Jewish population in a once heavily Jewish European city

National Gallery in Prague

National Gallery is an interesting gallery which contains pictures, arts, and other stuff. If you like beauty and you are the connoisseur of art than it is a must watch for the visit to Prague budget list. You’ll need some time if you want to see all the items of their exhibitions. The most breathtaking are in Holesovice (modern art). The range and selection of art are fantastic, everything from sculpture to modern art and portraits to exhibitions by world-famous artists. This gallery is very well designed with a good mix of permanent and temporary exhibitions. The cafe is also well worth for a visit after seeing the exhibits. It’s very inexpensive and it’s something to do while travel to Prague.

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