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Located in southern Spain, the port city of Malaga is known for its beautiful resorts, high-rise hotels and beautiful yellow-sand beaches. A city full of history and culture, Malaga has been attracting tourists from all over the world with its rich culture, beautiful citadels, breathtaking landscapes and its history. The city was founded in the eighth century BC, and it is one of the oldest Mediterranean seaports. The historic structures dotted throughout the city are beautifully contrasted by the modern architectures that populate the city’s skyline, and this juxtaposition of modern with the ancient is what creates the true beauty of Malaga. You can just hire a car at the airport, and start exploring this beautiful city to have a perfect Spanish vacation. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Malaga, and here are the top three attractions which you must check out while you are here.

1. Alcazaba de Malaga

One of the two massive hilltop citadels which Malaga boasts of is Alcazaba de Malaga. This ancient stronghold of the Moorish kings was built in the ninth century, on top of the ruins of a Roman bastion. Built on the top of the Mount of Gibralfaro, this beautiful castle had three defence walls’ circuits and 110 main towers. You will get to see the towers which are still standing when you visit this historic castle. Do remember to check out the garden which is situated in the castle’s courtyards. The castle also houses the Museum of Malaga, which consists of two different castles. You will get to see an extensive collection of local 19th-century paintings as well as renowned pieces by renowned Spanish artists at the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts. The Archaeology Museum has excellent collections of Roman antiquities, Hispano-Arab pottery, and miniature models of the castle.

2. Renaissance Cathedral

The landscape of the Old Town in Malaga is dominated by the overwhelming Renaissance Cathedral. Nicknamed La Manquita, which means one-armed lady, one of the towers of this 16th-century twin-towered cathedral was curiously left unbuilt. The castle was built on the ruins of a mosque, and you will be awed by the sense of spaciousness and the beautiful interior when you visit the cathedral. Here, you will also get to see a painting of the Virgin with Saints by Alonso Cano in the third chapel of the south aisle. Remember to spend some time wandering through the lanes of Old Town after you have finished exploring the cathedral.

3. Castillo de Gibralfaro

This is the other one of the famous hilltop castles which you can see in Malaga. Located above the Alcazaba, on the Mount Gibralfaro hilltop, this medieval Moorish castle was built in the 10th century. The castle is mostly in ruins, however, this is one of the attractions in Malaga which you must visit during your trip purely for the historic value. You can see some incredible vistas of the port of Malaga and the pristine coastline from the vantage point of the castle.

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