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Things to do in Kenya

Best Destinations - Amanda - November 16, 2017

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is one of the best places in Kenya. This preserve saves the baby elephants from the bush, orphaned by poachers or mishap and rears them at this extraordinary sanctuary to the age of three or four when they are accustomed and then returned to join a wild herd which has accepted them.  If you want to know about this place just refer the Kenya travel guide for more details about wildlife. The park opens from 11 to 12. You need to be there before that. It is a rare experience to see (and sometimes touch) the African baby elephants. The morning session is open to the general public with a cost of 7$ for each person.

Mara River

The Mara River is at times little more than 10 meters wide yet it is full of wildlife. Hippies are seen in huge numbers and in the pools of this meandering river; it is common to see 50 or so assembled together. There is nothing to compare to seeing the animals in their natural habitat doing their natural thing. They also seemed to ignore the tourist vans. They used CB radios to communicate where animals were. The low tourist season in March and April, it is also a great time to go.  So you see many animals and a large number of infant or baby. If you are travel to Kenya this spot is best for improving your knowledge about wildlife.

Diani Beach

Diani Beach is a quiet beach, not much to do, but great if you like to spend a vacation on the beautiful beach with nice water, good food, and friendly people.  Great for families, there are some activities are there to kite surfing and diving. They also have different activities like windsurfing, skydiving, boat, and camel rides.  You can jog along the beach or rent bikes.  There are bars/restaurants too. The sand is white and the water is blue. Kenya travel guide helps to you for know more about the Diani Beach and then you can travel easily to this place. There is plenty of sea life on 50 meters from the shore, the palm trees provide some shade for relaxing under the tree and there are a lot of restaurants where you can eat fresh fish.

Hell’s Gate National Park

The Hell’s Gate National Park is a great initial start to your Kenyan adventure with the help of Kenya travel guide. A lot of historical destination for any tourist who wants to see geological sites especially volcanoes and craters; this is the place for that. The walk into the gorge is a little tricky in spots but quite manageable. The view from the top is beautiful, but once inside the gorge, it’s a different world. Definitely, it’s a unique experience and worth for it, if you’re physically able to do so. There’s also a nice (tough in spots) hike down to a gorge along a river. The park is only a couple of hours from Nairobi; make it a good day trip.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is must when you travel to Kenya; it’s an absolutely wonderful place to see the animals in their natural environment. Nairobi National Park is right in Nairobi City shows that the difference between City-Wild experiences. It gives an excellent game drive experience where you are able to see the Big-Five (Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Giraffe, and Leopard). It has a great restaurant as well as great picnic places right in the wild. This national park is only about 15 minutes from the city.  It costs $50 per person for park entry plus the cost of a driver. A must visit for anyone in love with nature. A great place for family as well.

Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli National Park is small with a lot of Elephants plus a good view of Mount Kilimanjaro and you can use Kenya travel guide for the best experience in one day. This park has little in the way of plants and trees, so you are able to spot the animals from the further away in the other parks.  This park is in a great location especially the Lake Amboseli, which is not really a lake but a hallucination lake. The wildlife is abundant and easily seen due to the plain barren landscape. This place is fantastic for seeing such a wide variety of animals, and as the land is very flat, you can see for miles in every direction. There are lots of other activities presents as well and the scenery is pretty in its starkness.

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