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5 of the best whacky bird box designs

Ah, the humble bird box, also known as a birdhouse: enduringly popular with humans and birds alike. While experts say that simple practicality is the best solution when choosing (or building) a birdhouse, some have ignored this completely in favour wacky designs, while others have managed a fine balance between the two.

The Big Brother Birdhouse

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Giving a distinctly fly-on-the-wall feel to your garden, this birdhouse is as equally amusing as it curious – is it a possible artistic comment on the sinister nature of constant surveillance and governmental control as suggested by its distinctly Orwellian name , or merely a curious and aesthetically pleasing design? Either way, this is possibly this writer’s favourite bird box design of the bunch.

As the camera looks so real at night, it would also make a pretty handy burglar deterrent.

Casino bird house

This garish bird box, much like the Las Vegas casinos it apes, will either be loathed or loved. True to the spirit of Vegas, this has no doubt already adorned many gardens throughout the US and beyond. If you’re a fan of MobileCasino.co.nz roulette and think the birds in your garden may fancy getting in on the action, then this is the birdhouse for you.

Super Kingdom

Who’s the daddy now?

Created by London Fieldworks artists, Jo Joelson and Bruce Gilchrist, this is not just a trendy art installation, but the models are also a fully-functioning birdhouses that are based on the palaces of notorious dictators, including those of Benito Mussolini, Nicolae Ceausescu and Josef Stalin.

Paint Can bird house

Made from used paint cans, these birdhouses are not only aesthetically pleasing with its bright colours, but environmentally friendly too. Available at a cost of 24.99 USD, they are not cheap, especially considering the cost of postage to the UK.

Caravan bird house

Putting a humorous slant on the traditional bird box, this would make a great gift for lovers of everything ornithological. While making fun of the truly twee appearance of old-school birdhouses, it also functions really well as a bird house, not merely as an ornament in the shape of a clapped out old caravan.

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