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5 Ways to Make the Most of a Tour of the British Isles



Most people advocate for independent travel but there are sometimes when guided tours are more rewarding if you are not familiar with the region.  The British isles cover a vast region and it may take a lot of time to explore all the places of interest, a guided tour is inevitable to avoid wastage of time locating the places that you will love.

There are a lot of historical treasures to see on British Isles tours and you will not be able to understand their significance and the legends behind them if you are travelling individually. A guided tour will point out interesting stories and facts about a certain attraction.


A campervan is an exciting way to explore the amazing landscapes of the British Isles at your own pace. You drive to where your mood takes you: waking up in the Scottish Highlands, the rolling hills of the Cotswolds or camping along the spectacular beaches of Cornwall. Compared to staying in B&Bs and cottages renting a campervan takes you to numerous destinations. All you have to pitch your tent at your place of choice and sleep awaiting another day on the road.


If you want to get the most of your UK tour, then stop heading to the already tired areas where all travelers flock.  Avoid the Change of Guard, the Stonehenge and the Lands End, rather head to Snowdonia in Wales where you can enjoy fantastic mountain vistas and lakes. Exmoor in Devon is exceptionally beautiful with rugged coastline dotted with great surfing beaches and hip little villages. Inland you can explore the River Exe from which moor is named and meanders through the lush forest. Follow the canals of the British Isles and span the length and breadth of Britain, they offer a view into a totally different part of England which is slower and peaceful.


There are accommodations that will create lasting impressions, giving you an experience so memorable that your holiday is complete; sometimes you can only find certain types of accommodations exclusively in certain regions. If you want to enjoy your British Isles experience, then stay in places that will linger in your memories forever. Log cabins are aplenty in the Cotswolds and they are spontaneous and cozy. Log cabin holidays offer stunning views of the Cotswolds landscapes and they are located in scenic areas such as lakesides, hills and wooded areas.


If you are tired of following the normal roads and you want to venture deep into the rugged terrains, then you can take a daring move with a 4by4 and explore the areas that normally are not reachable. You take on the wheel armed with a rally style list of directions and a walkie talkie to receive instructions from trusted guides and negotiate through rough and overgrown byways typically used by farm vehicles. The undiscovered gems waiting on the other side definitely make the hassle worth it. It is thrilling and gives you an adventure of a lifetime.

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