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Funky Family Holiday Accommodation Around The World

World Travel - Amanda - March 6, 2014


Mobile homes are a fantastic form of accommodation suitable for your family; you get to enjoy a different kind of holiday in camping sites and meeting other like-minded families. Mobile home holidays in France offer you the freedom to experience the country at your own pace and however you want all while maintaining your privacy. Your family gets to enjoy venturing into the country side and taking part in exciting activities such as walking, hiking as you explore ancient towns and idyllic villages. Mobile homes are for those who are independent, interested in charting their own path through the French country. There are many well-marked paths and cycle tracks that help you discover the beauty of France without necessarily spending a fortune. If it is something you enjoy doing year after year then it may be more cost effective to buy one – finding a mobile home for sale in France is fairly straightforward and then you have your holiday accommodation sorted for life!


Days spent exploring the pleasant countryside, culminated by a lovely picnic in a breathtaking site is an unforgettable experience for the whole family. You get to choose your own itinerary, allowing you the freedom to indulge in under-appreciated French scenes.


The UK is endowed with varied and beautiful landscapes that will enchant your family; it is also littered with funky and quirky accommodations suitable for families who wish to enjoy the magical ambience of the UK. Whichever location you choose to spend with your family you are sure to find the most spectacular accommodation for your family. You can choose from self-catering cottages, converted barns, farm houses, Victorian Mansions and even castles.

For the most memorable family experience you can choose to stay in luxury holiday homes where it is all about pampering and indulgence. From large country houses in Brecon Beacons, to cliff top properties with magnificent views, spectacular manor houses in Wiltshire to cozy lakeside log cabins in the Cotswolds, the UK has a lot on its plate to offer families seeking thrilling experiences. If you enjoy coastal surroundings, you will be amazed to find tasteful luxury facilities strategically placed along breathtaking coastlines in the UK. If you are seeking activity filled holidays you will find gorgeous properties in the quintessential English country sides where you find great walking and cycling trails.


If you go on your family holidays to Morocco then staying in a riad is a must. It is something the kids won’t have experienced before in their lives and is a truly enchanting experience. There is enough to explore in the accommodation itself before even venturing out into the souks and medinas of whichever Moroccan town or city you are in.

Marrakech is obviously full of beautiful boutique riads to stay in, with plenty of choice for families with specific tastes. For something a little more authentic head to Fez where the tourist scene isn’t as prominent and riads are a little more rustic.


Portugal is an epitome of the perfect European holiday destination; its sandy beaches, rich history, culture and sun keep tourists coming back for more. Its variety of family friendly resorts, fine restaurants and the championship courses make it a fabulous destination for families. Here, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

There are a variety of boutique villas to give your family a home away from home whilst you enjoy all the attractions that Portugal has to offer. Algarve is a most popular destination for families due to its spectacular beaches and villas Martinhal is a heaven for families in Algarve. For more countryside experience you have the beautiful Duoro valley to choose a suitable villa for your family and for a mountain experience there are spectacular villas on Mountain Bierras where the fresh mountain air will refresh you all.

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Yet More to see and do in Cuzco

Getting Lost - Amanda - March 4, 2014

Cuzco is a city that is blessed with so many ancient sites. With Machu Picchu on its door step, there is much to see and do in Cuzco both in the city itself and in its surrounding country side. Definitely the most exciting spectacles of the city are connected to its Incan past. People come from all over the world to walk the 24 mile Incan Trail to the ancient mountain city of Machu Picchu. This hike takes visitors across a variety of country side and truly connects them to the region. While visiting Sacsayhuamán brings visitors, inside Cuzco itself, face to face with Inca buildings. Yet more to do in Cuzco includes:


Northwest of Historic Center | Cuzco

Though often over shadowed by Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuamán is well worth a visit too. An ancient Incan Towered fortress Sacsayhuamán richly displays the exquisite Incan masonry while also provided wonderful vista views over the city of Cuzco. From the onset visitors to this fortress are besieged with questions, such as how the mammoth pieces of rock were actually placed in the proper positions? Other special things to see inside the fortress include the Inca throne room, the Esplanada – which is a parade platform where revelers of the Raymi Festival of the sun gather. Nearby to Sacsayhuamán is Tambomachay, which is a spring that was the bathing ground for the Incan elite. Sacsayhuamán is approximately 2 miles northwest of Cuzco’s city center; it can be reached by a 25 minute strenuous walk from Plaza de Armas. A tourist ticket, which provides access to 15 other Cuzco attractions, costing around $48 dollars US is required to enter the site. Sacsayhuamán is open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm.

sayacitbInca Trail to Machu Picchu

Cusco-Aguas Calientes Railway

The most famous hike in Peru, if not in South America, is the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. A hearty four day hike the Inca trail will take you across miles and miles of different terrain and fantastic scenery. Travelers always rave about the wild life, the porters, the scenery, the challenge, and the cultural highlights they enjoy making the trip. Only 500 people are allowed on the Inca Travel at any one given time as to maintain it. Still though walking the trail will give you plenty of opportunity to meet other like minded travelers. Walking the Inca Trail requires trekkers to acquire a permit and to hire a licensed tour operator to lead their trip. A reputable service to use is Aventours.

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