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Indulge in the Beauty of historical and cultural Heritage

Best Destinations - Amanda - May 28, 2015

The capital city of Germany is rich with history and culture. Badly fractured during World War II and the cold war, Berlin has recreated itself into an international city with diverse cultures and architecture. Explore the top tourist attraction in Berlin that still bears the scars of the recent past.

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Less than an hour by train, Potsdam is just outside the border of the capital and is probably the most popular day trip from Berlin. Until 1918, Potsdam was the royal residence of the Kaiser and the Prussian kings. A large network of interconnected lakes, landmarks and palaces are the main attraction in this city. Most notably is the Sanssouci Palace. This palace once served as the summer home of the King of Prussia, Frederick the Great. The original portion is a one-story rococo style palace with just ten rooms that is perched just above a vineyard to represent man’s harmony with nature. The enlarging renovations, adjoining park, formal gardens and larger “New Palace” were added in the 19th century to bring it to its grand state today. All buildings and grounds are available by tour.


Before it was severely damaged from World War II bombings, Dresden was known as the “Florence on the Elbe” because of its lavish collection of stunning art and architecture. After many years, the city has restored much of its former glory. Dresden offers several interesting landmarks such as the beautiful plaza of Bruehl’s Terrace and the magnificent palace complex known as the Zwinger. The Old Town also contains a number of historic sites like the stunning Frauenkirche cathedral. The city is about a 2 hours drive away from Berlin.

Tropical Islands Resort

Europa’s largest indoor pool was created inside the dome of an old airplane hangar. Named Aerium, the structure was originally built as a zeppelin hangar but the airship it was intended to house was never built. In 2003, it was sold to a Malaysian corporation who used this large structure to create a tropical rainforest beneath, complete with village, rainforest, lagoon and a tropical swimming pool. The resort is meant to appeal to adult and kids, with exhibits on natural rainforest life, kids games, and a sauna and spa for adults. It’s easily accessible on the train from Alexanderplatz, a shuttle bus runs from the station.


An hour and half’s train ride from Berlin will visitors to the heart of dynamic Leipzig. This city of a million has been an important trade city since medieval times, and was a major hub of the Holy Roman Empire. It has continued to be an important center of world culture, home to Goethe, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Mendelsson. Major sights include St Thomas’ Cathedral, where Bach once worked, the zoological and botanical gardens, the famous Battle of the Nations Memorial and the beautiful St Nicholas Church.

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Best Day Trips from Prague

World Travel - Amanda - May 23, 2015

One of Europe’s most beautiful and romantic cities, Prague boasts an enchanting riverside location and a skyline dotted with hundreds of golden spires glittering in the sun. Having largely escaped the architectural purge of the Cold War, the city’s medieval Old Town looks much as it did a thousand years ago, full of cobblestone streets winding around spacious city squares. While it’s tempting to spend an entire holiday exploring Prague’s architectural, musical and culinary delights, day trips offer the adventurous traveler rewarding experiences as well. From fairytale castles and old breweries to sites that serve as witness to the Czech Republic’s war-torn past, day trips from Prague present rare opportunities to experience the extraordinary richness of the country’s culture.

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Krivoklat Castle

For travelers looking for a castle tour that feels like taking a trip back in time, it’s hard to beat a trip to Krivoklat Castle in the Berounka River Valley. Perched atop a forested hill, the castle was built as a royal residence in the 13th century. Its secluded location has helped to preserve the castle’s Gothic interiors, which are filled with paintings, art and more than 50,000 volumes of books. Used to house political prisoners during the Middle Ages, the castle features some unusual reminders of its darker past, including carvings in the Royal Chapel that depict angels bearing instruments of torture.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Located 100 km southwest of Prague in Plzen, the Pilsner Urquell Brewery was the first to produce the pale lager known as Pilsner. The brewery’s history demonstrates how passionate Czechs are about their beer, which they call “pizo.” In 1838, the citizens of Plzen were so disgusted with the quality of the town’s beer that they poured barrels of it in front of the city hall in protest. The brewers responded by uniting to create Pilsner, which remains the most widely consumed beer in the country today. Tours of the brewery include beer tasting while the nearby Beer Museum displays brewing equipment and beer mugs.

Konopiste Castle

South of Prague lies the 17th-century Konopiste castle that Archduke Franz Ferdinand turned into his personal hunting lodge in 1887. The heir to the Habsburg throne used the lodge extensively until his assassination in 1914, assembling what is today the largest collection of mounted animals in Europe. Hunting trophies fill the castle and include wild boars, birds of prey and hundreds of antlers. The lodge boasts a fine collection of Meissen porcelain as well. The castle moat is home to two live bears, and peacocks and other fowl roam the estates beautifully manicured gardens.


Cesky Krumlov

The medieval castle town of Cesky Krumlov 170 km south of Prague is situated at a crossing in the Vltava River, which made it an important city for trade from the 14th to 17th centuries. Most of the town’s original architecture is still intact. Standing on a hill overlooking the winding loops of the Vltava River, the massive Cesky Krumlov castle dominates the town. In addition to the castle’s exquisite interiors, the grounds feature a large Rococo-style garden with a recently restored elaborate fountain. With its original stage machinery, props and scenery, the castle’s Baroque theatre is notable as well.

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Efficient Ways To Make The Rental Property In The Gurgaon Very Profitably

World Travel - Amanda - May 22, 2015

More ways are available that the rental property will be made very profitable in the place like the Gurgaon. This city is located in New Delhi and also provides the improved facilities for the residents living. This is unlike settling in the several remote areas where an access to the development is not possible. Living in the upbeat environment exposed one to the best opportunities, that is what living in the flats and apartments in the Gurgaon represents. If you are very interested in investing in the properties and also want clear information on how to make the property too profitable, then there are several ways are available. For a fact that you are considering locating apartments or flats in this city is the best idea because the flats or the properties located in quickly growing urbanized areas that are normally profitable in order to rent costs. You can do your best then you just locating in this city, then fold the hands and also expect a value to keep increasing. Reap a profitable benefit of locating the property in gurgaon.

Build with the high quality infrastructure and the accessories:

  • You can make the residential property values using the top quality materials to construct the homes. Just search and also discover that what works for the prospective tenants and also fix this to a property.
  • You can look at using wonderful designs fro windows, walls, floorings and the other equipments. When you want extreme profit, then you can need to use the extremely top quality building materials for your investments.
  • If a property looks luxurious and also excellently wonderful then this will surely invite an upward moving executives for the purpose of to rent the property.

To build the property which is the block of the flats, you can need the large land. The target flats and apartments with the upwards of three bedrooms as a higher a number bedroom,a higher value of a property. The families can be the target as they would not mind paying the good amount of the money for the world class property. A crime rate in this city is rising, the typical condition for quickly developing areas. When you build the property with the added security aspects or features, which will surely safeguard a live of the tenants, then you are very sure of attracting the high value to the property. You have to look at the best properties in gurgaon.

Make opportunities from the lacks in an environment:

  • A lot of the lacking opportunities are available in the urbanized areas such as water, power outage and security and more others.
  • You profitably quest will be achieved if you search for the gaps about what is commonly lacking in an area.
  • You can decide to extract the service charges for the additional amenities you provided to a tenant.
  • Making the property very profitably is not critical at all, this only needs the investment and when it is completed, a property will surely attract the tenants who are all willing to pay high for the flats in the Gurgaon. Therefore go to the best thing.


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A Journey through the Centuries: Top 5 Historical Sights in Vienna

Best Destinations - Amanda - May 18, 2015

One of Europe’s most striking cities and the former capital of the Austrian Empire, Vienna is a renowned center of arts, culture, science, and courtly etiquette. This is a city where history comes alive, and at these five attractions you’ll experience the best of Vienna’s illustrious heritage.

1. Schönbrunn Palace

Top 5 Historical Sights in Vienna

The summer residence of the Habsburg emperors and empresses, Schönbrunn Palace is the embodiment of imperial grandeur. Originally built in the 17th century, the palace was subsequently remodeled and expanded by a line of rulers, allowing you to take a journey through history and see how tastes evolved over the centuries. Stroll through the rooms once occupied by the Austrian royals and European dignitaries and admire dazzling artworks, original period furniture, and decorations. The landscaped palace gardens, formerly the imperial hunting grounds, are an attraction in and of themselves, featuring lakes, fountains, sculptures, and a zoo that’s one of the oldest in the world.

2. Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

Top 5 Historical Sights in Vienna1

For a complete experience of imperial splendor, include a stop to the Imperial Palace (Hofburg) in your trip itinerary, the winter residence of the Habsburgs. Dating back to the 13th century, the palace complex not only housed the emperors, but was also the site of many historic events. A part of the palace is now used as the office of the Austrian president, while the rest gives you the chance to see the lavish royal chambers, the monarchs’ personal effects, the impressive silver collection, and many other artifacts that will transport you back through time.

3. St. Charles’ Church (Karlskirche)

Top 5 Historical Sights in Vienna2

Baroque architecture reached some of its highest achievements in Vienna, as St. Charles’ Church (Karlskirche) so clearly demonstrates. The imposing 18th-century cathedral is widely regarded as one of the city’s most impressive structures. Its exterior draws inspiration from antiquity, boasting two monumental columns modeled after Trajan’s Column in Rome and symbolizing imperial power. Inside the church you’ll enter a world of breathtaking religious paintings, mosaics, and frescoes. Visit the church on a sunny day and enjoy the light reflecting off the golden and marble surfaces.

4. Ringstrasse

Top 5 Historical Sights in Vienna3

Take a stroll down the Ringstrasse and immerse yourself in the urban atmosphere of imperial Vienna. Built in place of the old city walls, the celebrated boulevard is known as Vienna’s most scenic street. The length of it is lined with important and impressive structures, such as the Austrian parliament, the national opera, and Vienna University. There are also numerous parks, squares, shops, restaurants, and Viennese coffee houses, where you can take a break from sightseeing. As you walk the tree-lined promenade, bear in mind that you’re tracing the steps of Sigmund Freud, Gustav Klimt, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and many other famous Viennese.

5. Kapuziner Crypt (Kapuzinergruft)

There’s hardly a place in Vienna trip where you can get closer to the age of the Austrian Empire than at Kapuziner Crypt (Kapuzinergruft). The crypt beneath the Capuchin Church serves as the final resting place of numerous members of the Habsburg family, including a number of empresses and emperors, as well as many lesser-known members of the dynasty. Among others, you can see the sarcophagi of some the empire’s most important rulers, such as Maria Theresa and Franz Joseph I. The diversity of burial styles brilliantly reflects the ideas that guided the Empire over the centuries. Both touching and imposing, the crypt is definitely a place to include in Vienna vacation itinerary planner for any history enthusiast.

A Glorious Past and an Exciting Future

Once the seat of the powerful Habsburg Empire and now the capital of Austria, Vienna is a place where you can enjoy all the perks of a modern cosmopolitan city while surrounding yourself with impressive historical monuments. Touring the city’s palaces, museums, and scenic streets will not only make your vacation memorable, but it also will set before you a wealth of cultural heritage that few European cities can match.

By Nikola Mihaelj

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Get Amazing Tips While Your Travelling And Enjoy More

Travel Tips, World Travel - Amanda - May 14, 2015

The wonderful opportunities are there to enjoy your holidays at your favourite location with the best travel. Travelling is the great thing only if you know how to enjoy it. Just getting there and visiting some attractions places is not enough for you. You should have a good time and experience each place. Choose the best travelling and enjoy a lot by spending more time with your friends and families. It gives amazing experience to you. Cribs should have collapsible structures. Therefore, you have to select travelling crib for best features and for the safety factors. First, you have to select cribs with the convertible ease then choose the destination and safe travelling this highly essential to avoid some issues.

First, you should read about the destination. Identify the best shopping areas; find out how the locals are, what they eat and where to go. You should know these all things then only you can save your time. Arrive early at the airport. If you arrive late and you delayed, you could miss your flight. So be an early bird. Pack exactly that what you need for your travelling. Get up early; it will make you away from long queues at attractions. Take a GPS with you. It taking a map out of your backpack you can simply push some buttons. It is easier to search for a place on a GPS than on a map with a dozen pages. While selecting travelling cribs first you should know that how many members are coming to you. Choose suitable selecting travelling companion is important to general overall tip. Because, so many people choosing unsuitable travelling partner but the result will be worst time for you. Your new travelling companion should be best adventure.

Choose interesting person as your companion then only you can enjoy a lot and have more fun with them. You should select travelling companion from Rome history who know deep sink about it or museum France. Give high preference for that person who showing interests as you and enjoy the suitable activities. Try to avoid travelling with some unknown person. Because, it is not that much satisfy for you. If you like a party at morning then choose craze baddy. Go for hotels book now pay later. This is one of the benefits for you. If any issues occurs by more friends and any other person then look to new possible mates and this good idea to get new traveling partner. Utilize your holiday time to view beautiful place in this world. If you like to travel for a long distance then pick up positive mind set friends, this will helps you spend vacation time in peaceful manner. Definitely, this friend makes you positive outlook and makes to laugh. Choose trusted person as companion and that person should be reliable companion. Think if you are sick overseas, at that time companion has to help you by finding hospital or doctor. Therefore, get ready to go for favorite place and get more enjoyment with your amazing travel.

Image by Rambler Photography , ecstaticist under CC License.


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