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Still More Things to do in Cuzco

World Travel - Amanda - February 18, 2014

Situated in the heart of what once was the land of the Incas, Cuzco is a city with much historical significance. Though perhaps the single largest reason that people visit Cuzco is to walk the Inca Trail to their famous mountain city of Machu Picchu there are many other diversions both old and new. The Inca were famously star gazers and that tradition is continued, be it in a new fashion, with the city’s planetarium. There are also several nice restaurants and bars to be visited that showcase a modern vibe to a city so filled with great monuments and sites to visit. Still more to do in Cuzco includes:


689 Avenida Pardo | Cuzco

Set in a non-descript building in the hills surrounding Cuzco the Planetarium saves its surprises for inside. The museum is filled with great informative exhibits as well as a fantastic telescope and different charts that detail elements of our galaxy. Many visitors praise the observatory’s quaint appearance and the wealth of information that is houses inside of it. Everyone who visits is assured a personalized experience as they learn more about our galaxy. In order to visit the Planetarium guests must reserve their spots in advance, because of limited space on the shuttles heading to it. Shuttles leave Plaza de Armas at 6 pm and return around 7:45 pm. Tours are offered each day of the planetarium at a cost of $18.50 per person.

Pre-Columbian Art Museum

231 Plaza de las Nazarenas | Cusco, Peru

A welcome addition to all of the varied Inca sites in and around Cuzco is the Pre-Columbian Art Museum, which possesses a world class collection of Peruvian art. The museum is housed in Casa Cabera which is a mansion, dating back to 1580, that has been converted into an art museum. The collection dates from 1250 BC to 1532 AD and features varied works from the Hurai, Nasca Mochica, Chancay, and Inca civilizations. The museum is located at the North East corner of Plaza de Armas and is open from 9 am to 10 pm with admission costing around $7.50 US.

Inca Museum

Cuesta del Almirante | Cusco, Peru

Located in a 16th century colonial mansion the Inca Museum provides loads of information and exhibits that will enrich visitors later experiences visiting Manch Picchu. Specifically there are rooms that showcase Inca Silver figures, music instruments, textiles, pottery, and even ancient Incan mummies. The museum goes into detail discussing how Incan day to day life took place. Outside of the museum in its court yard Andean woman actually weave authentic textiles. The Inca Museum is located close to the Pre-Columbian Art Museum in Plaza De Armas. Visitors can visit the museum between 8 am to 6 pm. Admission cost is around $3.75 US per person.

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Yet More to Do in Bangkok

World Travel - Amanda - February 4, 2014

Bangkok is a city that has long held the imagination of the west as one of the world’s wildest, most open cities. A place where all pleasures are indulged for a price, it has become truly an adults play ground. For those who are not interested in Bangkok’s more risky side there is still much to see and do including soaking in this Asian capitals reserves of culture and art. A visit to Bangkok will definitely give its visitors the chance to experience a great city with so much to do. Yet more to do in Bangkok includes.

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre

Wang Mai, Pathum Wan

Perhaps Bangkok’s most intriguing art space is the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre. (BACC) Often likened to New York’s Guggenheim Museum both for the building’s exterior appearance and for the cutting edge art inside – that ranges from classic paintings hung, varied performances, to audio visual shows. The BACC is well known for daring art that pushes the envelope in terms of aesthetics and cultural significance. Visitors love to enjoy this gallery as it is a welcome refuge from shopping and bar hopping in the city and it allows them to enjoy some contemporary culture. The BACC is open Tuesday through to Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm.

272_606345626921_2945_nJim Thompson House

1 Pathum Wan

Post World War II a New York architect by the name of Jim Thompson came to Thailand and resurrected Thailand’s failing silk industry. With this success he built himself a massive home that has more than 6 buildings including a massive study, guest house and a lavish building for gatherings. What gives the Jim Thompson home intrigue, beyond just exhibits of how the silk industry operates, is the fact that Jim went on a vacation and was never heard from again. Being an architect Jim developed an aesthetically pleasing home that is of intrigue in of itself. Visitors greatly enjoy the houses grounds and the in house café. The Jim Thompson house is open from 9 am to 5:30 pm and costs around $3 dollars for admission. To find the house, which some visitors say can be a little difficult, take the sky train to the National Stadium Stop and head due north from there.

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