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Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Travel Tips - Eric Anderson - November 27, 2017

Kuala Lumpur is a huge and well developed metropolitan city and it also is the capital of Malaysia.  The metropolitan city has a combination of religions and cultures with Malaysians, Indian and Chinese. Over 8 million and above people where living in the greater KL city. There are lots of attractions in KL for holiday tourist and Kuala Lumpur is also well-known as a shopping Malls and shoppers heaven; there are many massive shopping malls are there for those who love shopping.

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7 Days on The Greek Coast: Thrill seeking Mediterranean Adventures

Best Destinations, Travel Tips - Amanda - November 13, 2017

If you want to make your summer holiday into a sea travel adventure, no doubt you should try sailing. There are beautiful beaches to sun bathe and relax on, and ancient Greek Temples and fabulous history to explore. There’s almost too much to choose from in this fantastic destination.

Most coastal routes will start and end at Athens, which is an easy destination to get to from all around the world. There are so many different itineraries you can choose from and with lots of nearby islands you can mix and match your route to suit your own wants and needs. That being said, here is a suggestion for a seven-day itinerary starting and ending in Athens when booking your yacht charter holiday.

Day 1: Athens to Poros

From Athens to Poros is a pleasant sail with some beautiful spots to anchor. You can spend the afternoon swimming and snorkelling in the protected bay or visit fishing villages or the islands capital. The main town has lovely character with its two storey balconied buildings and in the main square there’s the town hall and the archaeological museum. If you are looking for a great beach then why not try Askeli, Monastiri or even Kanali with its excellent nearby local tavernas. The most scenic place in Poros is Love Bay, which is surrounded by the characteristic pine forests of the island. So, spend the day exploring or relaxing, the choice is yours.

Day 2: Poros to Spetses

Next on to this beautiful car free island that is a popular holiday destination for both locals and sailors. The cosmopolitan town is full of history and the shopping and restaurants are top notch too. The port of Dapia is a good starting point where there’s the beach promenade to the old port. If you want to explore then you need to do this by foot or hire a bicycle. It may be worth it to explore the islands inner lush landscape. One thing you shouldn’t miss in Spetses is the Museum of Bouboulina. This is a traditional mansion that was once the home of this famous heroine of the Greek Revolution. The most secluded beach where you can really let go and relax is Agia Paraskevi beach on the Western side of the island.

Day 3: Spetses to Nafplio

The harbour town has everything you could wish for in a Greek island stop. The charming medieval atmosphere of the old town, excellent beaches and the must visit archaeological sites of Mycenae and Epidavrous. In the middle of the city stands the Italianate Syntagma Square there are historic buildings and monuments to see. There are two Turkish mosques which now have other uses, the Archaeological Museum and the Municipal Gallery are some of the buildings you should seek out. Art lovers should visit the church of Agios Georgios which has important murals such as a copy of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci work “The secret Dinner”. But if you just want to relax, then hang around the harbour where you’ll find great cafes and shops and it’s the perfect place for people watching.

Day 4: Nafplio to Hydra

Long famous for both its tranquillity and fantastic night life, Hydra is an ever-popular destination for tourists. The motor vehicle free island is navigated by foot and bicycle and is an easy place to discover. The port is particularly beautiful surrounded by hills on all sides offering excellent views. The Hydra port is the heart of the town, there are monuments to see, churches to visit, museums and old mansions to explore as well as the old gunpowder store. If it is beaches you want there are lots to explore Mandrák is an organised beach with great water sport facilities and Bísti, a pebble beach is also good for water sports, diving and kayaking. For the perfect place to catch a suntan try Spiliá. Or for the most beautiful beach on the island visit Limnióniza although it will take two hours hiking in order to reach it. The nearest beach to the port is Hydronéta which is found directly beneath the cannons and has cement decks suitable for sunbathing.

Day 5: Hydra to Epidavros

Famous for the 4th Century BC ancient theatre which seems to be embedded in the hillside like a shell. Ancient ceremonies were held in this theatre and after being excavated in 1972 it became a well visited site even becoming the venue for a summer music festival since 1995 hosting a concert every weekend in July. When it comes to the makeup of the town, there are a variety of landscapes and things to see in Epidavros including the Gorge of Vothila formed at the bottom of the slope from the town. This ravine is a must see on the island. In the spring and autumn, the village is filled with the scent of orange blossom from the hills and you’ll always find international and local tourists visiting the town.

Day 6: Epidavros to Aegina

On your last day sailing visit this lovely island with pretty portside villages and popular beaches. There are narrow streets with cafes in the village or you could anchor off one of the beautiful beaches such as Faros or Marathonas. Nearby you can find the remote islet of Moni, which has amazing clear waters excellent for snorkelling and exploring the sea life below. The area has lively scene for restaurants and bars and offers some fabulous Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. A popular spot for those who live in Athens for a different kind of break. If you want to do some sightseeing today then there’s ancient temple of Athena Aphaia, and the Monastery of Agios Nektarios, which is the protector of Aegina island.

Day 7: Return to Athens

Leave your boat behind and explore Athens before heading home. The town had a makeover for the summer Olympics of 2004 making it a place where money has been spent on infrastructure and it shows. Street signs are in English as well as Greek, there’s a state of the art metro system, new motorways and an accessible airport. Of course, when here you must see the Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus and other magnificent historical sites as well as treasures in the National Archaeological Museum.

You might want to spend more than a day exploring Athens if you have the time. Sample the cuisine in some of the fabulous restaurants, enjoy the nightlife and explore the vibrant city. As well as visiting all the amazing historic sites.
How does that sound for a seven-day route on the Greek coast?

Do any of these destinations sound like places you would like to visit? Sailing in Greece gives you the opportunity to explore hidden bays, remote traditional fishing villages and tiny islands you would otherwise miss by travelling any other way.

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