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Top Tips for backpackers

World Travel - Amanda - June 10, 2014


The whole idea of going backpacking is all about the freedom to explore new horizons.

Many students find that backpacking is a perfect way to see the world and gain new experiences as it is both a flexible and cheap way to travel.

However, the last thing anyone wants to ruin any kind of holiday or adventure is the nagging thought that there are other things that should be getting done.

This is why course work and studies must be fully completed before a student at any level even thinks of picking up their bag and going away.

Help writing a dissertation can be a real advantage in getting ready to go travelling and reputable companies such as Ivory Research are well established in making sure that you can clear the decks and go backpacking free from worries and responsibilities.

So what other tips are there to make sure a backpacking holiday goes with a hitch?

The pack

For any backpack style holiday bag itself is a seriously important component. There are many options available to buy, so make sure the size is exactly right as one that is too big can pose as many problems as one that is too small.


Wherever you are going in the world you will need a current valid passport. Travelling around Europe is quite straightforward for a citizen of any member country such as the UK, but a passport is still needed to go through airports and some land border crossings.

Further afield you might also need visas or permits of some kind. Make sure to do your research and prepare well in advance.


Backpacking can be the most cost effective way of getting where you want to go, but of course you still needs funds for travel costs and day to day expenses.

Having small amounts of cash in the local currencies of the countries you visit is essential, and having a safety net in the form of a credit card is highly recommended.

Prepaid cards can be an extra safe way of keeping some emergency funds in reserve too.


Having a decent Smartphone means you can keep in touch with people using various methods and it is also essential for emergencies.

You should choose a model that is small enough to carry easily and doesn’t draw too much attention. Of course if you load it up with films, games and music you can have your own mobile entertainment centre to help you through the mundane and boring bits of waiting around for buses, trains and planes.

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