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3 Best Chicago Food

World Travel - Amanda - May 27, 2016


Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Chicago is an industrial city, saturated with family values that began with the primary influx of European outsiders to the second and third era families that live there today. It’s likewise a pizza city and Lou Malnati’s is ostensibly the leader of Chicago’s best profound dish pie (its stiffest rivalry is additionally on this rundown). Lou’s, as local people tenderly call it, opened the first of 42 destinations in March of 1971 by Mr. Malnati and his better half in Lincolnwood, an area in the north side of town. The present menu is supplied with other Italian staples, and the flimsy hull pizza is likewise entirely great, yet it’s the Chicago-style profound dish that has held clients returning since its origin. What’s the mystery? Flaky outside, plum tomatoes from California, and obviously, hills of cheddar imported from Chicago’s neighbor toward the north, Wisconsin.

Al’s Italian Beef

At this point, a subject interfacing the nourishment foundations on this rundown has risen: Italian families have shaped the bedrock of Chicago sustenance society the way things are today. Al’s Beef, another supporter of a formula that sprung out of an Italian family’s kitchen, is the Windy City’s head spot for Italian hamburger sandwiches. Like Tesla is to the light and Abner Doubleday is to baseball, Al is to the Italian hamburger sandwich. He and his sister birthed the thought for the now famous sub in their Chicago home amid the Great Depression. Rare fixings constrained them to cut the meat slender on thick Italian bread and the rest is history, as it’s been said. Al’s meat is dry simmered in a mix of flavors before being layered onto Italian bread. It’s then finished with “Sauce” (truly only a light, tasty sauce), either delicately, soaked, or some place in the middle. The menu highlights other standard toll, however the Italian meat sandwich is the genuine draw.


Giordano’s Pizzeria

Around 200 years prior, in a little Italian town close Torino, Mama Giordano would produce her “Italian Easter Pie” and serve it to the group each Easter occasion. In 1974, Italian migrant siblings Efren and Joseph Boglio opened an eatery in Chicago that would bring their Mama’s acclaimed Italian pie a considerable amount of reputation. Today, Giordano’s serves up what is broadly considered by a few (NBC, CBS Chicago, New York Times to be one of the most perfect pizzerias in city that works in the dish. What isolates Giordano’s from all the rest is its rich, cheddar stuffed outside layer, a creation that Mama Giordano designed. The level headed discussion about which of Chicago’s pizza chains is the best has been around for whatever length of time that the dish itself, yet Giordano’s, with its delectable stuffed outside, may very well take the cake… or if we say, the pie.

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The Top Attractions In Vietnam

Best Destinations - Amanda - May 17, 2016

How many places have you visited? Is it a large number? A small number? Whether you have travelled extensively or still have plenty of destinations on your travel bucket list, there is one place you need to go: Vietnam. This Southeast Asian country is located near the South China Sea. It is known for the gorgeous beaches, the unforgettable cities, and the Buddhist pagodas. How will you spend your time? By checking out these unforgettable Vietnam attractions.

Halong Bay. If you go on a holiday to Vietnam, then be sure to make time for Halong Bay. This is a stunning natural site in northern Vietnam. There are beautiful limestone islands that tower above the emerald green water. To say it is a beautiful spot would be a massive understatement. In fact, this area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site n 1994. Halong Bay is fantastic for swimmers, scuba divers, rock climbers, and photographers alike. You will not regret an afternoon here!

The Cu Chi Tunnels. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam is the Cu Chi Tunnels. There are a number of underground tunnels northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. These were originally used as hiding spots during the Vietnam War. Now? Visitors to the area are able to crawl through certain parts of the elaborate tunnels. This unique area will give you an up close and personal look at how life was during the war.


The Town Of Hoi An. This next attraction is truly something special. The historic town of Hoi An used to be a major trading post back in the 17th century. Now? It gives visitors a peek at the way life used to be. There is old architecture to look at, Chinese temples, pagodas, canals, and more. Much of the area has been preserved. (This is yet another UNESCO World Heritage site in Vietnam.) There are beaches nearby, fabulous food, and a warm and inviting atmosphere. Don’t miss it.

The Mekong Delta Area. Love the water? Gorgeous views? Then make time for a visit to the Mekong Delta area. This area can be found in southern Vietnam. It is here that the Mekong River empties into the sea. As a result? Much of the area in Mekong Delta is accessible by river only. No roads. That makes this a unique and memorable experience. Here you can learn more about Vietnam’s agriculture production – and take some awe-inspiring pictures while you’re at it.

Mui Ne. There is nothing like a little fun and excitement. To get it all you need to do is head over to Mui Ne. This was once a quiet beach town. Now? It has experienced some major developments. Why? There is a strong sea breeze in this area. That has made it ultra popular for the sport of windsurfing. (Not to mention kite flying!) Find yourself here? Be sure to spend some time at the sand dunes or do a little bit of windsurfing during your Vietnam trip. It will bring you all the adventure you have been looking for.

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4 Noteworthy Las Vegas Hotels

Best Destinations - Amanda - May 17, 2016

Sin City is waiting for you. This is the perfect time of year to escape into a world of fun and fantasy. Las Vegas is the ultimate travel destination. It is loaded with places to shop, restaurants to enjoy, clubs to dance the night away in, bars to meet new people, and attractions to pass the time. After all of that excitement…you will need somewhere to rest your head. Don’t worry. Las Vegas also has incredible accommodations. The strip is loaded with larger than life hotels. Including these noteworthy spots.

The MGM Grand Hotel. There is something spectacular about the MGM Grand Hotel. Maybe it is the giant lion statue out front. Or the unmistakable green colour. Or it could have to do with the first class casino, restaurants, and hotel rooms located inside. Still want more? Consider the location. If you want to visit the Las Vegas attractions then consider a stay at the MGM Grand Hotel. It has a fantastic location. Not too far up or down the strip. That means everything is within walking distance. Clubs, bars, casinos, shows…. you name it!


The Venetian Hotel. Las Vegas hotels are all about themes. Just about every hotel located on and off the strip has a specific theme in place. Many incorporate those themed elements with success. But few do it better than the Venetian Hotel. There are gondola rides, replica statues, pillars, and streets. It truly feels like you are stepping into Venice, Italy. Talk about an exciting escape from reality! There is plenty to do inside. Like grabbing a bite to eat at Carlo’s Bakery or shopping at Kate Spade. Live luxuriously with a memorable stay at the Venetian Hotel.

The Stratosphere Hotel. Want to visit on a budget? Then remember the Stratosphere hotel. It often has massive discounts on rooms. That does not mean you will regret your stay. This specific hotel is known for delivering thrills. The Stratosphere is actually the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. That means you can snag some seriously spectacular views of the Las Vegas strip. That’s not all. Thrill seekers can enjoy a number of rides, including Big Shot. Just what is it? Only the highest thrill ride in the entire world. You’ve been warned!

The Bellagio Hotel. You might be dreaming of something over the top. Elaborate. Stunning. Then be sure to add the Bellagio Hotel to your wish list. It is Italian inspired with gorgeous grounds and massive art pieces located inside. This particular spot is known for its elegant atmosphere. And of course, those iconic fountains. The fountains outside of the Bellagio are not to be missed. This water feature is expertly choreographed to music – and it plays every fifteen to thirty minutes. Be sure to check it out at night. The addition of lights makes this fountain show even more incredible.

There is so much to do in Las Vegas. So, make sure you have somewhere special to stay. Choose one of these hotels to get inspired, have fun, and live like a high roller.

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Tourist Attractions in Buenos Aires

Best Destinations, World Travel - Amanda - May 3, 2016

Check out the following tourist attractions in Buenos Aires:

Cafe Tortoni

Voyagers who gather eating encounters might need to visit Café Tortoni, Argentina’s most established and most popular bistro. Begun by a Frenchman in 1858 who demonstrated it after a Parisian bistro, the Tortoni remains a mainstream spot to appreciate espresso or snacks with companions and additionally fraternize with scholars, painters and different specialists. It’s likewise a decent place to see the tango performed in front of an audience by expert artists. Situated on Avenida de Mayo, the Cafe Tortoni tempts the hungry with sandwiches, steaks and pastries that look too great to eat.

Plaza Dorrego

Voyagers who are in Buenos Aires on a Sunday won’t have any desire to miss the business sector at Plaza Dorrego, particularly on the off chance that they’re in the business sector for collectibles and knick-knacks. The Plaza Dorrego is one of the most seasoned open squares in Buenos Aires, getting its begin as a business sector in the eighteenth century when ranchers filled wagons with produce to offer to local people on Sundays. The present collectibles market began in the mid 1970s; guests who can’t make the Sunday business sector may appreciate the square’s encompassing range, as San Telmo is the capital’s old fashioned region. Tired customers can rest at an outside bistro and watch tango artists perform or even take a couple of lessons themselves.


Caminito, which interprets as “little road,” wasn’t generally a road. It was initially a stream; when the water went away, railroad tracks were based on the dry bed. At the point when the tracks were expelled, it turned into a landfill. Today it is viewed as one of Buenos Aires’ most bright avenues. Situated in the area of La Boca, the road is a decent place to watch specialists at work and view their finished works. It’s additionally known for rousing Juan de Dios Filiberto to compose his popular tango, “Caminito.” Several exhibition halls likewise are situated along the road.

Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery isn’t only a standard burial ground. It’s the place the first class of Buenos Aires and Argentina are covered, including the nation’s previous presidents, Eva Peron and even one of Napoleon’s granddaughters. Set up in 1822, it contains more than 4,500 over the ground vaults, of which 94 have been pronounced national authentic landmarks. The graveyard is a decent place to see awesome marble sepulchers and best statuary, etched by outstanding specialists. The BBC called it one of the best burial grounds on the planet while CNN positioned it among the world’s 10 prettiest graveyards.Recoleta Cemetery

Plaza de Mayo

Beginning from the 1810 upheaval that prompted freedom, the Plaza de Mayo has been a point of convergence of political life in Argentina. A few of the city’s real milestones are situated around the Plaza including the Cabildo; the city gathering amid the pilgrim time. Situated in the focal point of the Plaza de Mayo is The May Pyramid, the most established national landmark in Buenos Aires. The court is likewise the square where the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo have congregated with signs and pictures of desaparecidos, their youngsters, why should subject constrained vanishing by the military junta in the 1970s.

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