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The Rules to Remember when it comes to Compensation for Flight Delays

Best Destinations - Amanda - October 28, 2016

The days of agonising flight delays may not be over, but the days when airlines could just get away with burdening you without compensating you are. This was decided in October 2012 by the European Court of Justice. Whilst this doesn’t mean that everyone will receive money when their flight is a bit delayed, it does present the consumer in certain cases the right to fair compensation. As a matter of fact, the claiming of compensation from airlines which performed inadequately has become big business. If you’re often delayed due to late or cancelled flights and feel enough is enough, this one’s for you: the rules to remember when it comes to compensation for flight delays.

flight_delay_02EU flights only

With this, we mean EU regulated flights – flights that depart from an EU airport, regardless of whether the airline is European or not, or flights from a European airline that land at an EU airport. Under this law, countries such as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland are included. Unfortunately, if your flight does not include the rules described above, you may not be entitled to compensation.

Assigning liability

airport-display-panel-100153401The liability for the delay must clearly be the airline’s fault – the reason for the delay or cancellation must be an action (or failure to act properly) from the airline’s side. Reasons such as political upheaval, weather conditions, war, and other conditions beyond the airline’s control do not count.

Only until 2010

There is a statute of limitations on how long your claim will be valid, but as things stand now, you can claim compensation for a delayed flight as far back as 2010. Of course, the longer you wait, the smaller your chances get, so it’s important to take action for delayed flight claims as soon as possible.

Reasonable delay

There needs to be a reasonable delay – and a delay of 10 minutes does not seem serious enough to warrant a complaint and the seeking of compensation. It has been decided that the delay needs to be at least three hours long.

What to do?

The first thing to do is write down the details of your case – make this in a formal report, including documentation. Make a demand letter to the airlines, explaining the details of your case. If there is no offer forthcoming, or your demands are not met – or worse – the airline ignores you, then it’s certainly not the end of it; there are legal actions you can take. You may either take your claim to the relevant regulator or regulatory agency, or you may talk to an adjudicator. There may be a small fee, but considering you could have the right to a £600 compensation, this is but the smallest of trouble. If you are within your rights, then you are within your rights, after all.

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The Beauty Of Cornwall

Best Destinations, Stories and Travel Info - Amanda - October 24, 2016

Cornwall sits at the far south-west of the UK. It is a land of rocky coastlines, 300+ beautiful beaches, artists, and myths and legends. And “Poldark”.

lands_end_cornwall_englandThe first thing to say about Cornwall is that it is extremely popular with British people as well as foreign visitors, and gets incredibly busy in the summer. If you have to drive around the area during the school holidays and you want to enjoy the scenery, then you really need to get out before breakfast. Most of the roads are narrow and get clogged with traffic pretty quickly, so you want to do your driving at off-peak times if at all possible.

Cornwall is a beautiful place. Both the north and south coasts have many popular beaches and picturesque fishing villages, like Boscastle, Port Isaac, and Mevagissey. And there’s also Mousehole, once described by the writer Dylan Thomas as “quite the loveliest village in England”.

The combination of landscape, the sea, and the light has drawn writers and artists to Cornwall over many years. St Ives has a well-established School Of Painting, as well as the fairly recent arrival of a branch of the renowned Tate Gallery. Not far away, the village of Newlyn, became important in the British Impressionist movement during the 1880s.

If you prefer more theatrical culture, then the spectacular Minack Theatre, just a few miles from Land’s End, is well worth a visit. You can pay a small fee just to look around this amazing open-air venue, or see one of the shows that run during the season from May to September. If the weather holds up, it can be quite an experience watching a quality production while perched on the edge of a sea cliff.

Speaking of Land’s End – it is a tourist hotspot, and does get very busy during the summer, but there are plenty of things to do. Many people go there to get a photo of themselves next to the signpost which was erected in the 1950s. It’s also a great area for hikers and birdwatchers, and there are shops for those who prefer a bit of retail therapy. The Land’s End Landmark even includes a cinema, and an interactive exhibition showing more about the history of the area. There is also a small airfield, from where you can fly to the Scilly Isles, which would make a great day trip.

We can’t mention Cornwall without talking more about the sea, and the surfing. Despite the cold water, people surf here all year round, and many of Cornwall’s beaches provide good surfing conditions. The best beaches are on the north coast, which provides more consistent surf – and the most popular of these is Fistral, in Newquay.

If you’re travelling to Cornwall just for the surfing, it is possible to get flight connections from London to Newquay’s small airport, and there are a few connections to nearby European destinations too. Otherwise, the closest international airports are Bristol and Cardiff, from where you can get public transport or hire a car to Newquay or any of the many lovely spots in Cornwall. Cornwall has many accommodation options from B&B to high end resorts like Trenython Manor – all of which offer exceptional deals if you do your research.

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Things to See and Do in Newfoundland

World Travel - Amanda - October 15, 2016


Investigate the clamoring city of St. John’s, kiss the cod and take in some live East Coast music. Here are our main 8 things to see and do in Newfoundland.

Visit Gros Morne National Park

This World Heritage Site is situated on the west shore of Newfoundland and is the second biggest national stop in Atlantic Canada. On the off chance that you just have time for one climb in this stop, ensure you climb to the summit of Gros Morne Mountain. It is here where you will be remunerated with astonishing perspectives of Ten Mile Brook Pond, the Long Range Mountains and Bonne Bay. It’s no less than a 4-hour climb and you move more than 2,265 ft. be that as it may, the opportunity to remain on the second most elevated crest in Newfoundland is well justified, despite all the trouble. Untamed life review is likewise copious in this stop with moose being the most striking creature, alongside caribou, mountain bears, red fox and beavers. Camp, cycle, climb, outing, kayak, swim; the open doors for exercises are unending in this stop. In the winter the recreation center is prominent with skiers, snowshoers and snowmobilers

Visit Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve

If you have come to Newfoundland to bird watch, this is the place to make a beeline for. A huge number of gulls, razorbills, normal murres, dark legged kittiwakes, northern gannets, and twofold peaked and incredible cormorants settle here. In the winter 20,000 scoters, oldsquaw, harlequin, dovekies and thick-charged murres dig in here. It is the most available seabird rookery in North America and the site floods with roosting, jumping and scrambling flying creatures from edge to edge, giving a scene of shading and sound. An understanding site shows guests about the lives of seabirds as you watch them take off from a mammoth review window. Amid the late spring a yearly show arrangement happens with conventional music, moving, sustenance and beverages. With the site open lasting through the year, and the guests focus open from May to October, it is unquestionably worth ceasing here to see the fowls in real life.


Explore St. John’s

The capital of Newfoundland occupies a wonderful site on one of the finest natural harbors in the world. The city is the most established “European” town in North America and the harbor has been utilized by different nations as a base for angling vessels since around 1500. Today the colorful houses paint a picture perfect setting for those wanting to explore the city. It is here where you can join in on the haunted hike and discover the deepest darkest corners of the city.  It is here where you can participate on the spooky climb and find the most profound darkest corners of the city. The city is the place you will discover The Rooms, a gathering of historical centers and craftsmanship exhibitions that tell the history and neighborhood culture. Make a point to visit George Street, the person on foot just road that components eateries and bars, offering live East Coast music. The Basilica of St John the Baptist is found here, Newfoundland’s compositionally most vital building.

Kiss the Cod

It is a custom that started here in this area and keeps on being a long standing tradition that entertains guests from everywhere throughout the world. The custom includes a codfish and also a sort of Newfoundland rum known as screech. The tradition is regularly alluded to as a “Shriek In” and is utilized to welcome newcomers to the island. Guests ought not pass up a major opportunity for this custom and ought to make a beeline for a bar on George Street in St. John’s to take an interest. It must be a Newfoundlander who performs this ceremony and nowadays Cod is hard to find, so any fish will do. Once you kiss the fish, you must repeat a saying and down the full shot of screech, and thus you have officially been screeched-in.


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Great Day Trips from Phoenix

World Travel - Amanda - October 5, 2016


Arizona is the thing that the Old West is about. From gunfights in Tombstone, to old Army posts in Indian nation and the Territorial Prison in Yuma, the 48th state has it all. It likewise contains some of America’s most staggering beautiful locales, for example, the Grand Canyon and the superb saguaro desert plant that is an image of the Old West.


Bisbee is an old copper mining town south of Tombstone. Victorian homes are settled on a slope over an old downtown region that is loaded with old fashioned shops and boutiques. A stop at the Copper Queen Hotel is an unquestionable requirement for fanatics of creator J.A. Jance who set her Sheriff Joanna Brady kill puzzles in the Bisbee region. A mining museum, with equipment on the lawn, is just below the hotel; remains of the open pit copper mine are on the other side of the highway. Parking in old Bisbee is limited; visitors should be prepared to park on the highway and walk into town.


Encompassed by the world’s biggest ponderosa pine forest, Flagstaff’s 7,000-foot (2,000 meter) height offers guests something to do through every one of the four seasons, from snow games, for example, skiing and snowboarding in the winter to climbing and shake moving in the mid year; guests can likewise simply kick back and make the most of Flagstaff’s picturesque magnificence. It additionally offers drivers the chance to drive America’s roadway, memorable Route 66. Flagstaff additionally offers guests a wide assortment of exhibition halls where they can take in more about the Old West and Native American culture.

landscape with Humphreys Peak Tallest in Arizona


Arranged around 90 miles (145 km) from Phoenix, Jerome is a previous copper mining town that was once viewed as the wickedest town in the west in light of its “prostitution push.” Sitting at a height of 5,200 feet (1,600 meters), Jerome was at one time the fourth biggest town in the Arizona Territory; today, it is viewed as the biggest phantom town in the United States, with travelers far dwarfing the town’s 450 inhabitants. Draws incorporate an old copper mine, memorable structures and a flourishing expressions group and in addition seeing a town that sits on a slope so steep that structures here and there slide down it.

Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle highlights one of America’s best-protected bluff residences. Going back to the twelfth century and utilized by the Sinagua human advancement, this five-story structure of 20 rooms takes after an old skyscraper condo complex. Albeit European-Americans named it after the Aztec sovereign, the abode really originates before the introduction of Montezuma II by 100 years. The site highlights a guest focus and historical center that shows a variety of relics and antiques. Montezuma Castle is an incredible ordeal and a decent place to extend the legs when going amongst Phoenix and Sedona.

Sonora Desert

Loaded with an assortment of cactus, including the famous saguaro, the Sonora Desert has a marvel all its own. The leave, which extends crosswise over southern Arizona and California into Mexico, is best gone to in the spring when temperatures are considerably cooler than the 120 degrees they reach in the late spring. Guests who need a more intensive look than driving by on the expressway can remove rough terrain vehicle visits from Phoenix or do an independently directed visit at the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Tucson offers Saguaro National Park as well as the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum with groomed trails.


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