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Investing in Property in Bangalore

Stories and Travel Info - Amanda - March 19, 2014

Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, picked up its notoriety for being a standout amongst the most favored venture objective, 10 years back when IT blast hit the city. The arrangements, the temperature, the Cosmo feel, the multi-food and various society are only a percentage of the reasons why individuals adoration to settle in the city too. Tormented by a few concerns, the city makes for an impeccable end for the financial specialist and the pilgrim.

Tragically and shockingly, there’s minimal out there for a poor, single wage, standard duty paying (saddled with various credits and exceptional charge card bills) national The IT capital property business is by all accounts drawing in purchasers in these times of a lull. Why is the inquiry that you would ask? Another good IT hub is hyderabad where sumit artista is one the real estate space.


Exploration and investigation hurls that in zones like Sarjapur the property costs have seen a down development of very nearly 10%-20%. In luxurious areas property like Jaya Nagar and JP Nagar, costs have descended by 15%. However remembering history the mammoth bounce in costs amid the sudden IT blast in the city, the greater part of the properties secure a fake cost or a swelled cost. That prompted dealers and Builders making an additional buck. However, as the business has settled, and the interest and supply jumble in value, a considerable measure of flats untruth vacant. The inflationary costs have prompted manufacturers not getting enough purchasers.


You may look at Mangalore, still in its early stages, to how Bangalore was a few years back. Taking a signal from expanding industrialization and approaching ventures, real estate agents in Mangalore have climbed costs. Thus, a house which would be accessible at Rs. 2000/ – on rent was accessible for no short of what Rs. 3500/ -. However the circumstances won’t keep going for long and costs will crash down soon. Therefore, is reflected in the circumstances in Bangalore land today. The IT business blast in the city has prompted an enormous climb in realty costs. The high disposable wage of IT faculty’s permits them to give a premium on property of their decision. Subsequently, the city inhabitants additionally needed to hack up an additional to match up with the climb in costs.

The circumstances has emerged where pads are lying empty promotion condo are developers are getting baffled. Accordingly, we see a noteworthy fall in the costs, as manufacturers attempt to charm the purchasers during a time old way.

For instance Sarjapur was in insensibility until the IT blast hit the city. The IT blast upset the scene of this territory. However as the costs climbed ridiculous and past reasonableness, request at those costs weaned. Since the costs hit the top, today, there lie various pads empty in the territory. Albeit premium areas with fantastic developments, the purchaser is still unwilling to putting resources into properties here, unless costs balance out.

Jayanagar and J P Nagar are other decently arranged regions where high property costs constrained prospective purchasers to settle on less lavish zones, in the same way as R T Nagar, Sultanpalya and Kamanhalli. This prompted an extreme fall sought after for area or a house in Jayanagar and J P Nagar, pretty much by 40%. Thusly real estate agents were propelled to diminish costs.

Actually, a large portion of the fault is being pushed to auxiliary offering. To real estate brokers, who exploit uncontrolled interest? Well the business cycle capacities like this … what’s more all the shrewd speculators exploit these times.

Occupation Hunting in Bangalore is a much simpler assignment when contrasted with chasing property in Bangalore. Utilization time wisely when searching for a house, else you end in no keeps an eye ashore. When you have focused into your favored area and evaluated your financial plan. No point looking everywhere throughout the city for a level.

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Great Saving Tips While Backpacking

World Travel - Amanda - March 14, 2014

Backpacking is an awesome travelling experience that everyone should give a go at some point. It’s a completely different type of travelling if all you’re used to is summer holidays by the beach. You generally get to see a side of the countries you travel through away from the tourist hotspots and you get to meet a wide variety of people along the way. Backpacking is a relatively cheap form of travelling, but of course travelling is never cheap. Here are some top tips to help you save and make the most of your money while backpacking.


Use Free Walking Tours
Many major cities will offer regular free walking tours. These guides are often knowledgeable locals who are typically students and are quite eager to show off their city. They’re a great way to get a deeper understanding of a city, its landmarks and its history. They don’t cost a penny either; tips are strongly encouraged but not necessary. The guides are often of a matching or superior quality to the paid tours so it’s often well worth giving a tip all the same!

Don’t Be Fussy About Accommodation
Unless you’re rich you won’t be backpacking for very long if you decide to stay in a hotel every night. To a backpacker, accommodation is very rarely more than a place to sleep at night. Since you’ll spend most of your waking hours out and about exploring, it doesn’t make sense to pay a lot of money for somewhere you’re only going to sleep. There are plenty of cheaper options available for backpackers such as hostels but couchsurfing has been growing in popularity in recent years. There are people who quite literally allow you to sleep on their couch. Most hosts don’t charge but a small gift of gratitude is often appreciated. If you can’t afford anything then offer to cook dinner for your host. Some hosts may be satisfied just to have a conversation with you and hear you talk about your backpacking adventures so far!

Be prepared for emergencies
This is really something you should sort out before you go. When backpacking you’ll typically be a long way from home and with not much more than what you can fit in your backpack. Accidents can happen and you don’t want to end up in a position that you can’t get out of. To this end make sure you have sufficient travel insurance before you go so that should anything go wrong, you will know you are covered. Medical expenses in a foreign country can be incredibly expensive if you’re uninsured and no doubt will be the last thing you want on your mind at the time.

Backpacking is a very enjoyable activity and no doubt along the way you will form memories that will last a lifetime. It’s a costly activity but using the tips outlined above you can cut down on your travel expenses so you can do more travelling!

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Budget Travel Tips to Save You Money on the Road

Stories and Travel Info - Amanda - March 7, 2014



Travel insurance is something you should never journey without, not that anything unplanned will happen on your holiday but as a precaution in case something does happen. A good travel insurance policy will ensure that your health is covered, evacuation incase of accidents and refunds incase your flights are cancelled.

First you have to determine your requirements to determine specific areas you need covering as different companies offer different types of coverage, for a better deal make sure all your basics are covered. For example, if you are with child you need to ensure pregnancy travel insurance is included and relevant for your policy. After creating a list of your requirements then shop for the best deals in the market, have a list of the insurance companies you are interested in and inquire if there are any discounts available and then make your move. If you are not sure of which insurance coverage to take, just ask friends who have traveled before and they may help you make the right choices.


Travelling as a group is always an exciting experience and if you are going to be staying in hotels it is a great idea to take advantage of group discounts in booking hotel rooms. When you book together as a group you are most likely to get the rooms at a cheaper amount than if you booked individually.

Hotels are in business to make money not only from room bookings but also from services such as laundry, food and drinks. They will therefore be glad to have huge groups in their premises to make as much money from other services as possible. As the negotiator of the group, make sure you negotiate and get the best possible discounts. If you are on a tour of the UK visiting England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales then it is likely your tour operator will do this and save money on your behalf.

This money saving trip however requires you to make early bookings to avoid finding hotel rooms fully booked, during the high seasons, hotels would rather book rooms individually rather than offer them to groups. So organize your group early enough to avoid last minute disappointments.


Exploring new cities is always enlightening; imagine the thrill of discovering new territories, visiting ancient attractions, marveling at museum architecture and relaxing in ornamental city parks. It is enchanting but it comes at a price tag. It will cost money to buy entrance tickets, travel from one destination to the next and dining. To save money on a city escapade it is advisable to get a city pass.

Most cities around the world operate on a pass system; the city passes allow you to get unlimited rides in the city buses, visit some attractions for free or on a discounted rate, avoid standing in queues, save money and dine in certain restaurants at discounted rates.

City passes are a great way to explore the major cities around the world without worrying about travelling charges within the cities. It is a great way to save money and explore the city at your own pace, especially if there are a lot of attractions in the city in question. For example, the London Pass is great value as there is so much to see and do in the city you never run out of free entry! You can shop around for the best offers on city passes before purchasing them.

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5 Ways to Make the Most of a Tour of the British Isles

World Travel - Amanda - March 7, 2014



Most people advocate for independent travel but there are sometimes when guided tours are more rewarding if you are not familiar with the region.  The British isles cover a vast region and it may take a lot of time to explore all the places of interest, a guided tour is inevitable to avoid wastage of time locating the places that you will love.

There are a lot of historical treasures to see on British Isles tours and you will not be able to understand their significance and the legends behind them if you are travelling individually. A guided tour will point out interesting stories and facts about a certain attraction.


A campervan is an exciting way to explore the amazing landscapes of the British Isles at your own pace. You drive to where your mood takes you: waking up in the Scottish Highlands, the rolling hills of the Cotswolds or camping along the spectacular beaches of Cornwall. Compared to staying in B&Bs and cottages renting a campervan takes you to numerous destinations. All you have to pitch your tent at your place of choice and sleep awaiting another day on the road.


If you want to get the most of your UK tour, then stop heading to the already tired areas where all travelers flock.  Avoid the Change of Guard, the Stonehenge and the Lands End, rather head to Snowdonia in Wales where you can enjoy fantastic mountain vistas and lakes. Exmoor in Devon is exceptionally beautiful with rugged coastline dotted with great surfing beaches and hip little villages. Inland you can explore the River Exe from which moor is named and meanders through the lush forest. Follow the canals of the British Isles and span the length and breadth of Britain, they offer a view into a totally different part of England which is slower and peaceful.


There are accommodations that will create lasting impressions, giving you an experience so memorable that your holiday is complete; sometimes you can only find certain types of accommodations exclusively in certain regions. If you want to enjoy your British Isles experience, then stay in places that will linger in your memories forever. Log cabins are aplenty in the Cotswolds and they are spontaneous and cozy. Log cabin holidays offer stunning views of the Cotswolds landscapes and they are located in scenic areas such as lakesides, hills and wooded areas.


If you are tired of following the normal roads and you want to venture deep into the rugged terrains, then you can take a daring move with a 4by4 and explore the areas that normally are not reachable. You take on the wheel armed with a rally style list of directions and a walkie talkie to receive instructions from trusted guides and negotiate through rough and overgrown byways typically used by farm vehicles. The undiscovered gems waiting on the other side definitely make the hassle worth it. It is thrilling and gives you an adventure of a lifetime.

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Big Budget? We Hunted the Best Luxury Villas on the Globe

Best Destinations - Amanda - March 6, 2014


Tuscany boasts of some of the most desirable country homes in the world and it is no wonder the array of fabulous villas in Tuscany has attracted elite holidaymakers for years. Discerning travelers seeking to soak up in the rich history, fine cuisines, quintessential Italian rural lifestyle and architectural heritage have flocked here for decades, opting to enjoy the luxurious accommodation of Italian villas.

Florence is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the birthplace of Renaissance art. Within this area is a gem of a villa, offering only the best of Florence hospitality. Villa Dei Giardini in Florence is a spacious villa situated on a three-acre property amongst rolling hills and surrounded by fruit trees. It has four spacious bedrooms, living area, modern well-equipped kitchen and an outside pool with barbeque and dining area.

The Buonvisi villa in the Lucca area in Tuscany is a magnificent 16th century house located near Segromigno in Monte that once belonged to the Buonvisi family and is a part of the Fattoria Mansi Bernardini estate. The house has undergone a lot of restoration without spoiling its original charms to give you unsullied Italian hospitality.


Portugal has a charming character of its own, it exudes style in art, architecture and culture; it boasts of first class resorts and a rich past.

The Algarve is a popular destination for those seeking the sun drenched beaches with glorious surroundings. The Villa Bella Vista is a gorgeous villa located in Lagos South West of Portugal but also very close to the historic town center and golden sandy beaches. It is an exclusive 10-bedroom property whose every single detail has been stylishly designed giving it a fine finish. Apart from the spacious and lavish rooms inside it also has an outdoor terrace with BBQ, outdoor Jacuzzi and Sauna, fully equipped gym and a pool. It is surrounded by a manicured garden and also near fine restaurants and championship golf courses.

The vineyard Cottage Villa in the Duoro valley is magnificent in style and also rich surrounding of verdant vineyards. It is a lesser known region which means you will be off the beaten track yet enjoying all the luxuries. It sleeps six and is catered for, giving you more time to get pampered.

Whatever you’re looking for, there are so many luxury villas in Portugal with pool, bbq, seaviews and loads of space that you really can just take your pick in your favourite destination.



The Maldives is an exotic destination offering its visitor’s fine stretches of sandy beaches, sparkling waters and magical sunsets. It has a variety of accommodations but topping the list are the gorgeous Maldives water villas which are built right over the water so you can hear it lapping as you wake up every morning.

Jumeirah Dhevanafushi (Ocean Sanctuary Sunset with Pool) is a luxurious water villa located on the Ocean Pearl on its own lagoon. It boasts of floor to ceiling windows which give you pleasant views of the sea, dining area, stunning bathrooms, pool and exquisite master bedroom.

Huvafen Fushi (Ocean Pavilion with Pool) is a modern, contemporary villa with fiber optic lit pool that extends right from the living room outside on the deck. It has roof to ceiling windows allowing you unobstructed views of the sea: opulent and tasteful.

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