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Memorable Menu Suggestions When Holidaying in Chengdu

Travel Tips - Amanda - July 23, 2018

Image by Chinh Le Duc via Unsplash

If you and your family are planning a trip to China anytime soon, the chances are that Chengdu is on your list of places to visit and with such a gastronomic diversity, you will be able to experience many of the local dishes. Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province, set in the Chengdu plain, a vast expanse of fertile land that is very productive and with so many fruits and vegetables, the range of delicious dishes that originate from Chengdu are among the best in the country. If you are soon to be arriving in Chengdu, here’s a list of local dishes you simply must sample.

1. Fried Rabbit with Peppers – Shuang Jiao Tu is easy to pronounce and is one of the most popular dishes that Chengdu has to offer. Rabbit is a staple diet in this part of China and with generous helpings of green and red peppers, fresh Sichuan pepper, garlic and, of course, ginger, your taste buds will explode into action. While this dish is hard to find in the city, there are rabbit restaurants in the suburbs that specialise in this tasty dish. Many westerners go on China private tours in 2019 and with an online search, you can locate an established Chinese tour operator who can recommend the best places to visit.

2. Smoked Sausage – La Xiang Chang is a spicy smoked sausage that is cured to perfection and the unique spicy flavour is largely due to the fresh Sichuan pepper that is freely available and used extensively in Chengdu’s kitchens. This dish can either be steamed or fried and can be eaten on its own or with several other side dishes.

3. Sichuan Dumplings – Hong You Chao Shou is served in a delicious chili oil and this special dish is exclusive to Sichuan. The dumplings are wrapped into a crescent shape and filled with pork and ginger and the spicy chili oil perfectly complements the dumplings, with many Chengdu chefs creating their very own chili oil sauce.

4. Fish Mint Salad – Zhe Er Gen is a dish that uses a rare plant in China called Houttuynia Cordata, which has a unique flavour. This particular dish is not to everyone’s taste but while you are in Chengdu, you really should give it a try. Perfect as a spicy salad side dish, this uniquely tasting dish is one of the most popular in Chengdu.

5. Fire Wood Chicken – Chai Huo Ji is an ideal main dish for a hungry family, with a freshly prepared chicken that is first cooked in Sichuan pepper and ginger. It is then stewed in a special paste made from pickled chilies, green beans and garnished with potatoes.

Chengdu is the perfect Chinese holiday destination if you are looking to try some amazing cuisine and with such fertile land, the locals make very good use of their produce by preparing unique dishes that you really should experience while in China.

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How to See The Most of the Ionian Sea on A Yacht

Travel Tips - Amanda - June 21, 2018

The Ionian sea, where miles of fields of flowers gorgeously contrast soaring mountains and azure blue waters. Eleven islands – from the smallest to the largest – make up the Ionian sea and it’s an unparalleled blend of Greek, Italian and French architecture and influences. From the six largest islands (including Corfu and Ithaka) to small hidden ones like Ereikousa and Mathraki – the Ionian islands are not just your normal picturesque islands.

Despite their unreal beauty, the Ionian Islands are blessed with a historical past that makes exploring them on land even more interesting. From how their colonization by different empires (including French, Venetian, Roman and British) to their final union with Greece – they remain a blend of mystery and rich culture.

Whether you are looking for an uninterrupted time of relaxation, or if you’re looking for the perfect adventure – sailing the Ionian sea will definitely cater to your needs. It’s the ideal sailing destinations! The good thing about a yacht tour is that you get to see the unseen, visit beaches you wouldn’t normally do if you traveled by land. In this article I will particularly talk about Ionia, secret beaches and advantages of a sailing holiday.

The Location

The Ionian Islands are on the coast of Greece,. They’re located at the west of the coast and they are bordered by Greece and Italy (giving them the advantage of a blend of both cultures) and are also bordered by the Mediterranean and the Adriatic.

Why the Ionian Sea.

  • The islands have become popular for being the escape everyone thrives for. Untouched by the forces of the modern world, perched in history and beauty and secluded in the middle of the sea; you’ll be getting the vacation you need.
  • One picturesque island after the island will serve as diverse destinations and it will feel like you’ve visited at least a few different countries instead of just one.
  • Being on an Ionian flotilla sailing holiday gives you a lot of freedom and most of the time the flotillas are ideally suited to different types of travelers including professional sailors and even families and kids.
  • Think of spectacular landscapes – from beaches that are untouched to the most lush forests…You’ll be in for a treat!
  • A yacht will be the absolute best way to explore the hidden beauty of the isles and you’ll have all the time in the world to discover hidden gems and coves, sail around groves and indulge in the beauty of the Ionian sea.
  • You can also indulge in a lot of activities if you don’t fancy just basking in the sun all day long. If you have the right gear, you can dive, explore caves, go to underwater lakes and even windsurf if you’re feeling adventurous.
  • The gastronomic delights will be one of the highlights of your trip – try the Kefallonítiki kreatópita  which is a meat pie that’s very popular between the locals.
  • There are also plenty of historical sights that you can check out if you’re going to be exploring the islands on land.

When to go sailing.

If you’re going to be going sailing, make sure you do this starting from May until September where the temperature ranges from the mid-20s to the mid-30 Celsius.

Which islands should you visit?


Zakynthos is a dream-like location and one of the best places to sail around. Proudly boasting a big harbor, Zakynthos is made for people who want to sail. The marina there offers all types of services you might need for your yacht tour and you’ll get the chance to explore a lot of beaches.

If you’re going to be exploring at least one beach, make sure you check out Shipwreck Bay. It’s blessed with really soft sand that makes it easy for first time sailors to anchor their yacht, and it’s blessed with gorgeous water. The best beaches, however, are located at the Bay of Laganas.

Make sure you also check out the Blue Caves!


If you’re a first-time sailor then you’d be happy to know that Kefalonia has one of the safest harbors in the Mediterranean. It’s one of the largest and it’s also one of the most popular so expect it to be filled with tourists. But for good reason. The beaches are incredible, the climate is mild, and the geological build-up of the island makes it extremely unique. You can visit the Kefalonia Caves or the Melisani Caves and you can even go shopping! If you’re going to be exploring the island on land, do not miss out on Argostoli, the capital city.


Ithaca is where Oysseus was supposedly born. Make sure you don’t miss out on the Cave of the Nymph and enjoy the dozens of miles of coastline. Here you can also enjoy adrenaline-inducing activities like kayaking, biking and hiking as well!


Kyllini is home to some dramatic castles, gorgeous panoramic vistas of the sea, and of course white sand beaches and azure waters. Make sure you check out the famous thermal spring – Loutra Kyllinis.


If you want to add a little bit more romance and scenery to your trip, then Nafpaktos is definitely for you. Lush mountains act as the perfect backdrops for blue seas, and the beaches are mostly secluded so you feel like you have the whole island to yourself. You’ll feel that the village feels a bit more “traditional” and you’ll get to explore some of the leftovers of the Venetian occupation. Check out the Venetian Castle and of course, the Venetian Port which is considered one of the most picturesque in all of the Mediterranean. If you want to add a little oomph to your visit there too, go to the top of the Castle of Nafpaktos where you’ll get the best panoramic view of the island.


Of course Corfu is definitely one of the must visits in the Ionian Sea. You will have to check out Pontikonisi Mouse Island, which you’ll immediately know from the hundreds of pictures taken there!

Old Fort.

If you’re a keen photographer in the making, then you will love Old Fort. As you float on your boat in the sea, you’ll start to see the citadel coming out of the water in the most magical of scenes. This is where you go to explore the blend of Greece, Italy and France in one island.

Advantages of a sailing holiday.

Don’t even get us started on the advantages of a sailing holiday! It’s everything you’d want in a vacation and more.

  • You practically have the biggest playground in the world at your disposal. On the sea, you’ll never get bored.
  • You’ll definitely be learning some new things daily – whether in sailing, the seas around you, or the islands.
  • It’s a unique way to travel and explore. Instead of the cliché “get on a plane and explore on foot”, you’ll be sailing the seas and just the journey will be picturesque enough.
  • You can visit a lot of islands in very little time.
  • The solitude, the silence, and the freedom of it all…Very little things can compare to that.
  • You’ll be relaxing at every point and it will be a great way to escape the daily life.
  • You’ll be getting the complete and full experience of nature and a lot more benefits.

Floating the Ionian Sea is one of the best things you can probably do if you have a sailboat or if you’re renting a yacht. The diversity of the islands will make you feel like you’ve sailed around a whole continent and the experience will be one of the most memorable ones in your life.

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11 Tips To Have A Fun And Safe Family Adventure Holiday

Travel Tips - Amanda - April 20, 2018

If you are planning an adventure holiday with your family you will definitely want to be safe. Following a few simple tips and tricks can make your family adventure holiday perfect. Your holidaying has to be perfect and remembering these handy tips will certainly help you on the way to that. Some go-for-it tips for the perfect adventure holiday with your family and kids are here so that you can take a stay ahead and indulge in some breath-taking experiences with your family. Continue Reading

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Singapore travel guide: Things to do in Singapore

Travel Tips - Eric Anderson - March 23, 2018

Singapore travel guide

You can now be well familiar with the name of Singapore as it has created its name produced in the thoughts of the visitors who cannot but repel the call of the unidentified, who cannot but have your eyes turned to watch the beauty of a country or of a certain position. The account that you may have of Singapore is of China origin. It explains Singapore as a tropical at the end of a peninsula’. You can never have a sophisticated history of Singapore but if you step into the area allured by Singapore tourism you are sure to be awe-struck.

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Amazing Tourist Places to Visit in Toronto

Travel Tips - Eric Anderson - February 22, 2018

tourist place in Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, a province in Canada and is the country’s largest city. It is one of the best holiday destinations to live in as well as the tour in. It has beautiful lush gardens, towering skyscrapers and provides the best entertainment. With natural beauties such as the Niagra falls looming at its corner and informative museums and serene gardens, Toronto seduces people into visiting it. Well known for its cold climatic conditions, it is best to visit Toronto in the winter if you are fond of snow.

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