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Top Places to Visit in Florence

Best Destinations - Amanda - February 10, 2016

florence italy tuscany firenza toscana europe scenic view of the city of florence in the evening

For art, history, or architecture lovers, no trip to Italy is complete without a visit to the town of Florence. This is often one of the foremost visited cities within the world, owing to its role in being the birthplace of Europe’s Renaissance movement. The town was originally engineered as a garrison settlement in the Roman era, however its age permits totally different samples of baroque, medieval and neoclassic architecture.


Florence holds a grand yet dubious history with a number of the best artists of the renaissance era, additionally as a number of the time’s most dubious characters additionally. It had been the home of Dante once he was in exile, additionally as well as the wealthy and deadly Medici family. It is the home of nice works like Michelangelo’s sculpture of David, in one of its dozens of art museums.

Ponte Vecchio

This bridge across the Arno River is of the once-common closed spandrel segmented arch style. The bridge contains shops on it, that was once common with several bridges, and frequently occupied things like butchers who got quick access to dump their waste into the river and keep a clean look to sell their wares from. Today, souvenir, art and jewellery stores occupy the bridge instead. Once, all shops had tables displaying a number of their wares out in the open like a modern day farmer’s market. A second row of back shops was added in the seventeenth century.

florence italy firenza tuscany toscana europe ponte vecchio a bridge lined with shops crosses the river arno in the city of florence

The bridge crosses the narrowest point on the Arno, and was originally created throughout Roman times. It’s a part of the famed Via Cassia route. the middle of the bridge holds a tiny low dedication stone with worn Italian writing. Translated it used to read, “In the thirty-third year following thirteen hundred, the bridge fell from a watery flood: ten years later, at the pleasure of the Commune, it had been remodeled with this adornment.”
The Ponte Vecchio has had some surprising supporters. During WWII, Hitler gave express orders that the Ponte Vecchia remain standing, even when other bridges throughout the region were being bombed to prevent tank traffic from moving easily across the countryside. One of the most unique customs on this bridge is the presence of many locked padlocks found throughout the structure. A legend exists that if a couple locks a padlock to this eternal structure and throws the key into the river, they too will be locked together. Unsurprisingly, there is a lock shop ready to sell lovers their own padlocks that can be found right on the bridge.

Image by Sangre-La.comeGuide under CC License.


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