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Things to do and see In Israel

Best Destinations - Amanda - July 25, 2020

Israel is a Middle Eastern country situated at the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. Although Israel is a small country, it has several tourist attractions available for people of all ages and castes. People who are attracted to historical places should visit Israel once in their lifetime. The country also offers lush forests, desert landscapes, and breathtaking beaches. This article discusses in detail about the things to do and see in Israel when you go on a vacation.

Best Things to see and do in Israel

Israel has many places that one can visit. The country has rich historical significance and a significant number of activities available for the tourist to indulge. We try to discuss the things to do and see in Israel for the tourist to follow.

Historical sites

When we talk about Israel; the first thing that strikes our mind is the place’s historical background. One can visit the following locations.

Old City in Jerusalem

The old city of Jerusalem is known as the heart of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. This place has the famous Western Wall, which is known as the last remaining of once a Jewish Temple. It is considered the holiest site for Jewish people.
Dome of the rock lies just above the Western Wall. It holds a special significance for the Muslim religion. People believe this is the place where Prophet Mohammad has risen to heaven.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy Sepulchre is situated within a few minute’s walks. Some believe this is where Jesus was crucified and buried.

Visit the beaches

Israel is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This is the reason the place has some of the most beautiful beaches. Some of the best things to see and do are to visit the beaches.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea has several public beaches available for the tourists. One of the most popular beaches is Ein Gedi Beach. Few of these private beaches charge an entry fee. Enjoy a day floating on the salty and healing water of the Dead Sea. Various tour packages are available for the tourists to check out and opt for before visiting the place.

Tel Aviv Beaches

Tel Aviv Beaches is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. Tel Aviv stretches along the whole of the western edge. Tel Aviv has several beaches such as Hilton beach, Banana beach, Alma beach, Gordon Frishman beach, and many more. No matter which beach the tourists choose to visit, they are guaranteed a great view and experience.

Natural Wonders

For all the nature lovers try and look around the natural beauty of Israel.

Ein Gedi Natural Reserve

If you want to experience a hike go to Ein Gedi Natural Reserve. This place has 9 different trails for hiking. Each walk can vary from half a day to a full day. The most popular trails will lead you to Wadi David.

Also, when you are visiting Israel, don’t forget to try their Hummus and Pita.

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