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Tips for Finding a Great Vacation Rental

Travel Tips - Amanda - July 15, 2021

Vacation Rental

As more people opt for vacation rental properties than hotel rooms, finding a great rental has become more challenging. Rarely can you search for vacation properties and get a list of great options. Therefore, these are a few tips to help you find your next vacation.

List Your Needs

Your first step should be identifying what you want in a property. For example, do you want a condo or single-family home? Where should it be located, e.g., Waterfront Rentals Newport Beach CA. What activities do you plan to do, and how close should your rental be to these activities? Identify the most important aspects of the property: view, distance from activities, space, etc. List your preferred amenities, including a washer and dryer, central air conditioning and a pool. Will you be traveling with pets? Also, set your budget and coordinate with anyone who will be vacationing with you.

Learn Vacation Rental Terminology

Rental associations and co-ops have specific terminology they use to illustrate their properties to you. For example, they may use “beachfront” in their advertisement, but this won’t guarantee that your rental is on the ocean. “Ski access” suggests that you will need transportation to get to the slops, typically provided by a shuttle, whereas “ski-in/ski-out” suggests that you have access right from the property and can ski right out to the slopes. Ask for property photos and compare the terminology used in the advertisement.

Be Flexible

Although you may want to take your trip to Paris in early June or to Big Sky in January, vacation rentals will be very expensive and may be difficult to come by. If you go earlier or later in the season, you should get much better rates and have greater access to multiple rental options. You may search booking sites for fare charts that will tell you what you will pay during each season. Being willing to travel off-peak season will save you hundreds of dollars.

Be Prepared

Being flexible will not ensure you find a great rental if you don’t start looking early. Plan well ahead of time, up to a year or more. Although some destinations, such as Florida and Arizona, which are popular tourist spots, may not fill up quite as fast, most locations have higher demand than supply, especially during peak season. You may also have to reserve some of your activities early. For example, if you plan to attend a baseball game, you may want to purchase your tickets early.

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation that feels like home, reserve a vacation rental property.

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