5 Things to Do In Downtown Los Angeles

Best Destinations - Amanda - October 19, 2017

Los AngelesSouthern California is notorious for more than just its sunny climate. With a rich history of arts and theater, the city of Los Angeles is the cultural, commercial and financial center of California. It is also one of the most densely populated cities in the whole of the United States, second only to New York City.

With ahistory dating back to 1542, L.A. has some fascinating Spanish, Mexican and American roots. The “City of Angels” (as it translates in Spanish) is known today for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity and economic power. It is also home to Hollywood, arguably the entertainment capital of the world.

If you’re visiting L.A., you’ll want to head downtown to see what the hub of the city has to offer. Here are five things you can do to make the most of your time in downtown Los Angeles.

Contemporary Art at the MOCA

The Museum of Contemporary Art, otherwise known as the MOCA, allows visitors to learn about the art on display through educational programs and exhibitions. So, if you want to expand your art knowledge, this is the place to visit. The MOCA is spread across four locations throughout L.A., with the most notable museum located on Grand Avenue. You can even buy pieces of art to take home with you from the museum shop, so you’ll always remember your trip.

Theater Scene

L.A. is the ultimate city for entertainment, so make sure you visit the Downtown Theatre District and visit some historical landmarks on Broadway. Don’t be fooled by thinking you’re not a fan of musicals — you still don’t want to miss out on the vibrant entertainment scene here. Why not catch a concert or watch some live music instead? You can buy tickets online from the Ticket Sales website.

Grand Central Market

Located at 317 Broadway since 1917, L.A’s Grand Central Market is a hub of diversity and culture. With over 30 stalls teeming with an array of craft beers and multicultural delicacies, this is a great place to visit if you like to explore through your taste buds. The market also hosts games nights, movie showings and other events and promotions.

Staples Center

Found at 1111 Figueroa Street, the Staples Center is famous for showing Los Angeles sporting events. Home to the L.A. Lakers, the L.A. Clippers and the L.A. Kings, it’s the ultimate place for sports fans to visit. There is something for everyone here, though, as the center is also home to L.A. Live, the location of the ESPN broadcast offices. This subsection of the Staples Center includes a movie theater, bars, restaurants, hotels, and even ballrooms.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory first opened in 1932. The observatory is a must-see for tourists, as it offers the best views of downtown L.A. and Hollywood. The building sits on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park: a large municipal park at the eastern end of Santa Monica mountains that is also worth a visit.

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Things to do in Ethiopia

Best Destinations - Amanda - October 16, 2017

Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela

Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela is one of the best spots in Ethiopia. Rock-Hewn Church is a beautiful place and there are two groups of churches that are very interesting and even more, the interconnection between them is worth to spend the day. The building themselves are very interesting to admire, but if you have the chance to visit them during the Easter or Christmas, that is even more interesting. This rock-hewn church is carved from the top down and it is a world wonder. It’s a beautiful church with all the history and unbelievable architecture; for more history about this church refer Ethiopia travel guide. For enjoying Ethiopian Christmas feast Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela is the best place and it is worth for your visit to enjoy the traditional ceremony, but it will be so crowded so you need to visit little bit early. The churches are open from 8am-12pm and 2-5pm in the evening. The entrance fee is $50 per person and the ticket is valid for four days. This is a must see cultural heritage spot in Ethiopia.

Simien Mountains National Park

Simien Mountains National Park is located in northern Ethiopia. There are numerous hikes that can be taken and there is a possibility to watch the famous gelada baboons. The Semien Mountains has a spectacular view, incredible scenery, and wildlife-filled with flora and fauna. The mountains are stunning and quite different from any other mountains. The scenery is spectacular with high altitude mountains and sweeping views of gorges, ravines, cliffs, and waterfalls, as far as the eye can see. The highest point you will reach is 3,900 meters high. Along the way, you will find the home of Ethiopian’s famous Gelada monkeys and you will be able to get within a few of meters from them. Ethiopia is a perfect travel destination for world travelers. Also, this Ethiopia travel gives you a wonderful experience.

National Museum of Ethiopia

The National Museum is located in Addis Ababa; which is the Ethiopia’s capital city. Ethiopia’s capital is most noteworthy for its “Lucy” exhibit, with the skeleton of a 3.2 million-year-old female hominid discovered in the 1970s by British scientists. The National Museum of Ethiopia also features information about rural traditions in this fascinating country. There is always the hushed respect for the former leader who was deposed in the 1970s. This is must Visit place during your Ethiopia travel. This National Museum of Ethiopia is proud of Ethiopia and it is having a brave history and tradition of Ethiopia. Don’t miss ‘Lucy’ and the other very interesting artifacts of National Museum of Ethiopia.

Blue Nile Falls

Blue Nile fall is a wonderful place and it is located 45 km away from the city of Bahir Dar. The Blue Nile fall is a natural wonder once should see in life. Locally, the fall is called ‘this-issat’ that means “smoke of fire”, for more about this place use Ethiopia travel guide. When there is a good flow of water, that spot looks spectacular. It is perhaps one of the prettiest spots in Ethiopia. The best time to visit it is during the rainy season (June- early September) because Blue Nile Falls will fully drain due to re-routing of water, for the Renaissance Dam project the waters are much less than the usual days.

Fasiladas Bath Timket

The Fasiladas Bath Timket is a fine building surrounded by a swimming pool and a great garden. This is an ideal monument to a ruler, who admired the fine architecture. The Fasiladas Bath is also known as the swimming pool of Fasiladas, it is located in Gonder town. Fasiladas Bath Timket is a rectangular shape swimming pool. They have a vacation house in the middle of the pool and also it is surrounded by big trees. The beautiful old trees and the stories of Timket made the place magical. The colorful Fasiladas Bath Timket festival is celebrated in this pool. They conduct many interesting religious ceremonies, after the celebration, around the water young people’s start to dive into the pool. Ethiopia travel gives you the best experience for travel lovers.

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Things to do in Prague

Best Destinations - Amanda - October 14, 2017

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is simple and most famous square in Prague. It is large and filled with full of tourist attractions. Probably the best known is an astronomical clock with 12 saint’s figures strolling in the windows. This is an excellent place to wander around and enjoy the ambiance of the place whether it’s during the day or evening. The square in Prague, in general, is one of the most beautiful places in central Europe. This spot is the tourist hub of fantastic architecture and for a lot of entertainment. When you travel to Prague Old Town Square is a must-see spot, visiting it is a wonderful cultural experience.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge has a beautiful view of the Vltava River and statues along the bridge. There are many beautiful attractions and incredible bridge sceneries are there. This is one of the best landmarks of Prague; make sure that your visit should be the early morning visit because it gets fully packed with tourists. It looks more beautiful at night time around the bridge and there are a lot of other sightseeing places are there. The Charles Bridge is a must-see spot who are interested in a traveler to Prague. It has a remarkable history and offers great views of the whole city.

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is a beautiful gothic church in the Prague Castle area. The cathedral is located within the grounds of the Prague Castle. The size is incredible and impressive, both from the outside and inside. The architectural design is remarkable. The stained glass windows, altars, chapels, and ornamentations are impressive and majestic. If you have already visited other European countries with castles, you will find Prague Castle to be a bit lackluster, except for St. Vitus Cathedral. It is stunning and worth waiting also don’t miss the details of the gargoyles while you wait. Inside there is something to see at every turn. St. Vitus Cathedral is well worth the visit and worth the little bit of extra cost to climb up to the tower. Just make sure that you can physically make the climb. This is one of the beautiful places and it is worth visit for Prague tour with your friends and families.

Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is a short trip, from the center of Prague. The Prague Zoo is basically a park with good-sized enclosures for about more than fifty different types of larger animals and the usual mix of lizards, birds, and fish. A highlight of this place is the gorillas, elephants, giraffes, and the fruit bats. It is a brilliant place to if you visit Prague; this is the best spot for adults and kids. Best time to visit is a mainly dry day like April- October, though there are many exhibitions you can pop-in to if there’s an odd shower – the Elephant Paper Workshop is fascinating.

Lobkowicz Palace

The Lobkowicz Palace in Prague is an absolute treat for anyone with a bit of background knowledge of 16th-17th century Europe. They have restored the palace and opened it up as a museum. They have a good restaurant too and the audio tour is also there if you need. This is a must see if you’re travel to Prague. This Palace offers classical concerts and a good private collection of art from Central Europe.

Spanish Synagogue, Jewish Museum in Prague

Jewish Museum is a beautiful section of Prague. The history of the building and the gathering is very interesting. Visually it is the stunning place. The Synagogue offers not just the historical effects also associated with it but the culture. The exhibits are very interesting and worth the visit to Prague. Therefore, this is a must-see to encourage people to learn about the dwindling Jewish population in a once heavily Jewish European city

National Gallery in Prague

National Gallery is an interesting gallery which contains pictures, arts, and other stuff. If you like beauty and you are the connoisseur of art than it is a must watch for the visit to Prague budget list. You’ll need some time if you want to see all the items of their exhibitions. The most breathtaking are in Holesovice (modern art). The range and selection of art are fantastic, everything from sculpture to modern art and portraits to exhibitions by world-famous artists. This gallery is very well designed with a good mix of permanent and temporary exhibitions. The cafe is also well worth for a visit after seeing the exhibits. It’s very inexpensive and it’s something to do while travel to Prague.

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Places to Visit in Cambodia

Best Destinations - Amanda - October 11, 2017

Cambodia Attractions are the lot to mention. Cambodia is a Southern East Asia country whose land spans low lying plains, the Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline. Phnom Penh, its capital, is home to the art deco Central Market, glittering Royal Palace and the National Museum’s historical and archaeological exhibits.
Cambodia is one of the all-time favorite destinations for travelers. Cambodia is most people you meet are still affected by this on a daily basis. Development hasn’t been great since, as corrupt officials have hindered growth by selling off most of the country to investors.

Places to visit in Cambodia

Angkor Wat

A must visit the place and you will gain a lot of knowledge from here. There is a great view, historical place. There are so many temples and places are there in my Cambodia Attractions list. Especially Angkor Wat temple, it’s big and wonderful temples in my heart. There’s a lot of intricate artwork on the walls throughout the temple depicting stories. Definitely worth to take two or even three days for walks, but a better idea is to rent a bicycle. Watch out for big buses full of tourists. Sometimes you will have to wait long, and take a lot of patience to take a good picture, but this is mostly around Angkor Wat.

Bayon Temple

This is one of the must-visit sites in my Cambodia Attractions which is situated in Sein Reap. Best time to see is in the afternoon when a number of travelers are lesser allowing unchecked access which hints to the better fun. It’s a nice place for photography. This temple is fairly different from the other temple, with the four faces of Buddha’s. Fairly a bit of hiking but the final views are great and the architecture works are stunning. It is so peaceful with ancient architect between the natures with man-made Cambodia Attractions.

Ta Prohm

The trees here are so unique, the root especially. The walking path is shady compares to Angkor Temple (main temple). It is also in my Cambodia Attractions, If you are visiting the area this temple is a must see. This is one of several smaller temple sites in close proximity to Angkor Wat, which should be included in your temple tours. This temple has maintained by a more rural state, you will gain wisdom of how the site looked when exposed by archaeologists.

Choeung Ek Genocidal Center

The Choeung Ek Genocidal Center Is one of the interesting tourist spots in Cambodia. Cambodia has suffered and is rebuilding. The memorial is an eight-story, high reserve for the ruins of thousands of public who lost their lives in the Pol Pot regime. The lands are well-maintained as there are many human leftovers and ruin quietly noticeable. If you are interested in history and you want to learn more about the country and all they have been through, this place is a must in Cambodia Attractions list.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

This Museum represents and shows the horror and atrocities endured and uncounted during the Pol Pot system in Cambodia. The previous school revolved into prison and pain chamber still stands as an evidence of the violence of that time. This is a terrible place in Cambodia Attractions that did trouble your mind if you imagine and is a must-see for anybody wanting to know about the bad years 1975-1979. In combination with the Killing Fields should be mandatory when visiting Phnom Penh.

Banteay Srei

This temple is smaller than others in the area it makes up with beauty, Banteay Srei or the lady temple is a tuk-tuk drive away from the Angkor Wat temple but is well worth a visit, most of the details in the stone are still intact and the color of the stone is stunning and this is also more important place to visit Cambodia Attractions list, if you have time to and visit and as usual go early to try to avoid crowds. The visit completes the tour through the Angkor district. Its’ a beautiful landscape around and please give a donation to the musicians (victims of landmines).

Otres Beach

The other Cambodia Attractions worth mention is Otres Beach; This is a Perfect spot to unwind. There are many quiet spots on the beach which are frequented by both locals and tourists. The water is clean, both locals and tourists are enjoying the ocean. There are many places is there to eat and drink, but of course, they are pricey here. Otres beach is good to cool down and for swimming; the main beach is lined with bars and restaurants and a good place to relax while on holidays. There is an option to join in beach yoga and catch the sunset. For snorkeling, you have to take a trip to the islands.

Angkor National Museum

This is a brilliant museum in Cambodia. It is so well set out and organized that you can’t miss anything and the exhibits are fascinating. In every area there is an interesting video to watch-shame about the annoying Disneyesque voiceover-that helps you understand the history and background of the displays. The cafe is a nice place to stop for a drink and the shop has some beautiful items. It’s a great exhibition and well presented, there are language options to select in the different presentation halls.

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Best Destinations - Amanda - October 10, 2017

New York, a city full of energy, fashion, art, nightlife, luxury, incredible people and irresistible food, attracts people from all over the world. Whoever visits this beautiful city gets enchanted by its ever-flowing energy, and whoever lives in this city cannot live without it. The city is home to some of the most iconic landmarks of the United States of America, including the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. And one of the best ways to explore all of these iconic sights of New York is to go on a helicopter tour of this beautiful city. Going on a helicopter tour will allow you to see this beautiful city from a bird’s eyes’ point of view, as well as let you see the following magnificent landmarks in such a way which would not have been possible from the ground.

Statue of Liberty

Situated on Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture made of copper. Designed by French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel, this iconic statue has been a symbol of New York and the USA itself. Going on a helicopter ride in New York will let you see this beautiful statue from completely new heights.

Empire State Building

This 102-story high skyscraper has been an integral part of New York City’s landscape since 1931. Since its formation, this building held the record of being the world’s tallest building for 39 years. You will get to see this engineering marvel from the top when you go for a helicopter ride over New York City. Get a bird’s eyes’ point of view of the observation deck situated on the 86th floor, and rise way up above it to see some incredible vistas of the building and the surrounding areas.

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center complex, and it is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. This skyscraper is iconic not only for its economic importance but also for the sentimental and historic importance of the 9/11 incident. Going on a helicopter tour is the best way to see this breathtaking skyscraper in its full glory.

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges are the most iconic bridges in New York. People flocks over to take a walk through the bridges to get a clear view of the famous New York skyline. However, flying over these bridges on a helicopter takes the experience to a whole new level. You will get to see the clearest views of the skyline, as well as experience the beauty of these bridges in an unparalleled way.


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