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Day Trips from Tampa, Florida

Getting Lost, Stories and Travel Info - Amanda - July 14, 2013

If you’re in Tampa there is plenty to do within the city’s confines, like seeing the Florida Aquarium and Busch Gardens – but have you ever considered stepping away from the city and exploring a little more of Florida? There is much nearby to Tampa that you can take in that is less than a 100 miles away. Central Florida is geographically packed with different museums to visit, quaint American towns, and Orlando isn’t far from Tampa either. Different day trips from Tampa include.

A fine example of a smaller, culturally filled American town is Bradenton. Nearby Shaw Point was actually discovered by the explorer, Hernado De Soto, who initially discovered Florida. Down town Bradenton is fascinating exploration of Florida living with shops, restaurants, museums and a great beach all in near succession to one another.  The Bradenton Village of the Arts in worth the trip here in of itself as varied artists have collected here to form one of America’s most beloved art communes. Artists work inside of their homes, many of which are open for visitors to come in and look at the art works on display and view an artist at work.

The Salvador Dalí Museum
St Petersburg Florida – not St Petersburg Russia… or any other European city – has the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by the Spanish artistic genius Salvador Dali. One of the forerunners of surrealistic painting and an icon of 20th century art any visitor to this Salvador Dali Museum here in St Petersburg will leave effected. The Salvador Dali Museum is one of the highest visited tourist sites in Florida.


Converse to what many might think Florida is not just a state known for its bounty of sunshine, but also for some intriguing art filled towns. Naples Florida is one such town. With a cultural hub situated around Cambier Park – a park that puts on loads of free plays, weekly films, and varied art installations at the Liebig Art Center – art lovers will find artistically whatever their heart desires. Getting back to traditional Florida fair, be sure as well to enjoy the great beaches for a little fun in the sun while in Naples too.

Everglades City
If you ever had an interest in experiencing the Florida everglades and the 10,000 tiny islands that make them up then a visit to Everglades City is fantastic starting point. With numerous tour companies, and boat rental outfits Everglades city will give you your best chance to see the exotic animals and plant life that can be found in the Florida Everglades. While you’re spending some time in the actual Everglades City be sure to take a wander down Main Street and check out the historic town hall and court house.

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