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Best Things to Do in Rome

Best Destinations - Amanda - November 19, 2013

If you had a week it probably will not be enough time to soak in all that Rome has to offer. This is a city that was the centre of the European World two thousand years ago and still has as much of that allure as it did then today. They say “See Rome and Die” and with the number of spectacles the city has to offer there is some real truth to that. With so many things to do in the city some guidance most certainly can be helpful to direct you in the right direction. Some of the best things to do in Rome include.


Trevi Fountain
Piazza di Trevi | Rome
Built in the mid 18th century the Trevi Fountain is a great example of baroque design mixed with ancient Roman Mythology. The scene portrayed involves Neptune emerging from his pool flanked by his trusty Tritons. Roman folk lore says that if you toss one, two, or three coins with your right hand over your left shoulder different good lucks will be bestowed upon you. One coin means you will return to Rome, while two coins means you will fall in love with an attractive Roman, while three coins means you will marry that same Roman. Many feel Trevi Fountain is best seen at night when it lights illuminate the fountain and give it a luminous appearance. Trevi fountain is located near a high concentration of shopping, nightlife, and hotels so is quite easy to find.

Church of San Luigi dei Francesi
Via Santa Giovanna d’Arco 5
A great free attraction to visit in Rome is the San Luigi dei Francesi which features some great works by the Baroque artists Caravaggio. The three works Matthew and the Angel, Matthew’s Martyrdom, theCalling of St. Matthew attraction legions of art lovers each year to enjoy their great opulence. The church closes each day at lunch time and can be found in the Navona neighborhood near the Barberini metro stop.

Trastevere | Rome
If you want to get a sense of what Rome is like, beyond all the attractions and tourists, then head to the Trastevere section of town located just to the south of Vatican City. Trastevere has dozens of restaurants visited by real Romans and affordable shops as well as a great café culture. Walking over the Ponte Sisto leads to a truly stunning view over St Peter’s Basilica to the north and the Gianicolo Hills to the west.

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