Top 3 Reasons To Consider North Carolina for Your Next Vacation

Best Destinations - Amanda - September 16, 2020

If you’ve been wondering where to take your next family vacation and you’re tired of visiting the same crowded, touristy places, you may have been looking for North Carolina beachfront rentals and wondering if this underrated Atlantic coastal state would be worth a visit. The Tar Heel State can sometimes fly under the radar when it comes to tourism, but it has a surprising number of attractions to offer any visitor. From beautiful beaches to majestic mountains to old-fashioned Southern charm, here are a few of the top reasons you should consider adding North Carolina to your vacation short list.

1. The Beaches Are Peaceful

If you like going to the beach but are tired of how crowded many beaches can be, you’ll be excited to learn that North Carolina beaches are generally very family-oriented and peaceful. Rarely is there overcrowding on these beaches, thanks in part to a culture of building cozy beach home rentals along the oceanfront instead of high-rises and hotels. Additionally, the beaches often come with some interesting history. The Outer Banks, for instance, are a popular destination for families today, but were previously made famous for being the location of the first flight. When you need a break from sunbathing, you can visit local museums to learn about each island’s unique past.

2. The Mountains Are Perfect for Hiking

If hiking is more your speed, you’ll be excited to know that western North Carolina hosts the tallest mountain in eastern North America, Mount Mitchell, that boasts an impressive height of 6,636 feet. No matter the season, the Blue Ridge Mountains are perfect for a family drive or hike and offer stunning scenery and countless photo opportunities. Stop at one of the state parks along the way for a picnic and soak up the view.

3. There’s Rich Culture

If your idea of the perfect vacation involves boundless food, drink and chances to kick back, there are several spots throughout North Carolina that offer relaxing opportunities in abundance. For a taste of local craft beer, visit Asheville in the west. For world-class barbecue, stop at any one of the countless specialty restaurants throughout the state.

When your family can’t decide whether your next vacation should be to the city, the country, the beach or the mountains, consider choosing North Carolina and getting the best of all worlds. The Tar Heel State is geographically diverse and has something to offer every tourist, from laid-back beach vibes to Southern country style. The next time you’re planning a vacation, consider adding this beautiful state to your list. You could be in for the time of your life!

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Scuba Diving in Cenotes: A Few Tips to Consider

Travel Tips - Amanda - September 9, 2020

scuba diving in cenotes

A cenote is a natural pit. They are natural sinkholes. In the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, the Central American nation, we can see a lot of cenotes. Yucatan Peninsula, a low, flat land with almost no surface streams or rivers. The physical structure is a sign of the geological past of the region. Thousands of years ago, the Yucatan Peninsula was a coral reef in the bottom of the sea. While there is little surface water today, the Yucatan is currently home to three of the most extended subterranean water networks in the world. Cenotes form due to the collapse of the limestone bedrock. When the upper surface fails to stand, the crystal clear groundwater below the limestone bedrock rises from below. As a result, the cenotes form.

For many years, these cenotes, spread all over the Yucatan Peninsula, have become popular scuba diving spots for divers. These caverns made by nature are the dreams of every diver. Approximately 6000 cenotes are present in this Latin American destination. These cenotes offer some of the most beautiful waterways in the world for scuba divers. Therefore, we have made a list of tips for scuba diving in cenotes for all the scuba divers who want to witness this surreal experience. Continue Reading

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7 Reasons Why Should Mexico Be the Next Adventure Travel Destination

Best Destinations - Amanda - September 2, 2020

Adventure Travel Destination

Are you planning for your next adventurous trip? Well, if yes, then we would like to recommend Mexico. Now, are you thinking about why Mexico? Why not some other fancy popular tourist places? There are a lot of reasons, but we will state the top 7 of them all. Continue Reading

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The Stunning Places in Cuba That You Should Definitely Visit

Best Destinations, Getting Lost - Amanda - August 24, 2020

places to visit in Cuba

Cuba is a country that is all about magic, magnificence, fun, and unexpected charisma. The largest Caribbean island is dripping with exhilarating glory, fascinating history, captivating mystique, and culture. Be it the vintage cars that you can spot cruising through the city streets or the historically significant beautiful buildings of the past – everything in Cuba will remind you of the colonial days and it will seem the country has come to a standstill. However, the country isn’t all about its glorious past, you will be amazed to find the abundance of soul-soothing natural beauty here. You will be stunned by the breathtaking beaches that line the country. Pay attention to the shimmering coral reefs that lie still in the azure hued waters. From adventure sports to brimming natural allure – this country has it all. Now, is the time to learn all about the places to visit in Cuba. Continue Reading

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5 Great Alternatives to a Cruise Vacation

Travel Tips - Amanda - August 19, 2020

You want a luxury vacation but the last thing you want to do is board a floating petri dish with 3000 strangers. But how else do you attain several delicious dining options within walking distance of your room? What other alternatives make it possible to visit multiple destinations after booking just one trip? Fortunately, depending on what aspects of a cruise you find most appealing, you have several stellar options.

5 Great Alternatives to a Cruise Vacation

Sail a Smaller Boat

Is the ocean calling you? Answer the call on a smaller vessel. Go whale-watching and island hopping on the Adventuress luxury catamaran. You will be much closer to the marine life and never have to wait in line to go ashore for excursions. Charter a multi-day private cruise exclusively for your group of up to six people. The rooms and common spaces are beautifully appointed so you can enjoy the luxury of an extravagant cruise liner but savor a more intimate, personal experience.

Visit an All-inclusive Resort

Perhaps you crave the pampering of a cruise: a salon down the hall, massage therapists at the ready, multiple dining options each day and a selection of pools and hot tubs. Get all that and more at an all-inclusive resort. You can choose a family-oriented facility or one that caters exclusively to adults. You never have to leave the property to have a good time, as most resorts offer a wide variety of activities, eateries and shops. If you do want to explore the surrounding area, expeditions are available.

Ride a Train

Part of what makes a cruise great is that you can visit so many different locations in one trip. You can do that without getting seasick or confining yourself into a windowless interior room. Ride the rails with a pre-packaged tour. If you prefer, design a route to suit your interests and spend as many days as you want at each destination. Book a sleeper car and wake up each morning in an exciting new locale. Or travel during the day, and never miss a moment of the picturesque scenery passing just outside your window.

Explore on a Tour

Part of a cruise’s appeal is that the cruise line takes care of so many things for you; all you have to do is choose which cruise to take and select an excursion or two while in port. Other types of guided tours offer similar convenience, in similarly exciting places. Complete a walking pilgrimage such as the Camino de Santiago, or cycle from one winery to the next in the Napa-Sonoma region of California. Traditional motor coach tours can take you just about anywhere in air conditioned comfort, along with entertaining and educational commentary from local guides.

Sightsee in a Walkable City

Find a luxurious hotel suite in the middle of a fascinating city and use it as your hub for exploring. Find a metropolis like Manhattan or San Francisco, where attractions are within walking distance or reachable by public transit. There are dozens to choose from in the U.S., eliminating the need for a passport or a 12-hour flight. Beach paradise, cultural and historical mecca or foodie utopia — there is a city for every interest, and some that satisfy all three.

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