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Best Honeymoon Destinations – Fall in Love

Best Destinations, Stories and Travel Info - Amanda - December 23, 2016

Best Honeymoon Destinations

Are you planning to explore one of the best honeymoon destinations, selecting the best place is of fabulous importance. A wedding vacation is effectively the most memorable trip that newly married couple could plan for. It is a perfect way to begin your married life together. Cruise vacations are a great choice for those who look for budget travel. For a couple, arranging a vacation may not generally end up being simple. Hence, hoping this article would help you to arrange your dream special time in the mystical locations and will make you fall in love with every minute spent on the trip. Continue Reading

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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in London

Stories and Travel Info - Amanda - November 28, 2016


Discovering extraordinary vegan eateries in North America can be a troublesome undertaking. In any case, in the UK, there are a lot of vegan choices accessible for individuals to appreciate. When planning your next night out, here are 10 examples of excellent vegetarian restaurants in London:

Food for Thought

On the off chance that you appreciate a menu that scarcely ever changes and a space with a 1970s vibe, Food for Thought is an incredible choice. Supporters can appreciate soup and servings of mixed greens, quiches, vegetable curry, treats, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. While the meals are not as expensive as other joints, they are not especially cheap either.

 The Gate

The Gate is known for its wide assortment of vegan dishes and treats, including halloumi sticks, feta and mint, and lavender creme brulee. With such a large number of flavorful alternatives to look over, the foundation is extremely famous. Luckily, reserving is accessible in the event that you need to ensure a spot for a specific day and time.


With about 50 years of administration to Primrose Hill, Manna is a well known decision for anybody that is wellbeing cognizant. You can look over set dishes, “fabricate your own” blended meze, or have a five-course supper tweaked by the culinary specialist for your gathering of at least four. The custom five-course meal is particularly beneficial for people with certain dietary requirements.


If you love Indian food, Rasa has plenty to offer its patrons. With its reasonable prices, you can enjoy great dishes such as a rasa kayi or moru kachiathu. You can also enjoy tamarind rice, paratha, dry black-eye beans, and more.


Orchard  is known for its casual atmosphere, casual food at reasonable prices, and great coffee. Whether you need to eat a supper or appreciate visiting with companions over an espresso, Orchard (a spinoff from Vanilla Black) is a brilliant decision.


Mildreds has been serving veggie lovers for more than 25 years. In any case, in the event that you plan to feast at Mildreds, simply know that there is a no-reserving strategy so you should hold up in line to be served. While you might be situated at the bar generally rapidly, you regularly need to hold up longer to be situated at a table. Luckily, with its delectable Middle Eastern and Asian dishes and pastries, it is definitely justified even despite the hold up.



On the off chance that you need something speedy and wholesome, Beatroot is an astounding decision. Whenever requesting, you pick a container (little, medium, or huge) to load with newly made sustenance. Every size takes into consideration various sustenance things to be packed inside, and it’s genuinely astounding exactly what amount can fit. The mini “sausage” rolls are especially tasty.


In the event that you need to attempt a touch of something other than what’s expected for your next feasting background, Tibits is only the place. At the point when eating at Tibits, you fill a plate or takeaway holder with sustenance that is charged by weight (barring the free bread roll). Nonetheless, after breakfast, the costs step by step ascend for the duration of the day. With a wide choice of extraordinary veggie lover sustenance, it can be anything but difficult to spend a great deal more than initially proposed.


Sagar is known for its South Indian cuisine and reasonable prices. In fact, the restaurant is popular with students because of its affordable dishes. The menu list of South Indian food includes everything from dosas to bhel poori beach snacks. However, if you enjoy dishes with that extra kick, you may not quite experience it with Sagar dishes.

Itadaki Zen

Itadaki Zen is a prominent decision for health-conscious diners because it is Japanese, organic, and vegan. Regardless of its constrained fixings, the tofu, noodle, and ocean growth dishes are still top choices as a result of the surfaces and tastes. The eatery is likewise known for its absence of gab and music that can mitigate for a few and uncomfortable for others.


For your next dining knowledge, picking any of these vegetarian restaurants is sure to please.

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The Beauty Of Cornwall

Best Destinations, Stories and Travel Info - Amanda - October 24, 2016

Cornwall sits at the far south-west of the UK. It is a land of rocky coastlines, 300+ beautiful beaches, artists, and myths and legends. And “Poldark”.

lands_end_cornwall_englandThe first thing to say about Cornwall is that it is extremely popular with British people as well as foreign visitors, and gets incredibly busy in the summer. If you have to drive around the area during the school holidays and you want to enjoy the scenery, then you really need to get out before breakfast. Most of the roads are narrow and get clogged with traffic pretty quickly, so you want to do your driving at off-peak times if at all possible.

Cornwall is a beautiful place. Both the north and south coasts have many popular beaches and picturesque fishing villages, like Boscastle, Port Isaac, and Mevagissey. And there’s also Mousehole, once described by the writer Dylan Thomas as “quite the loveliest village in England”.

The combination of landscape, the sea, and the light has drawn writers and artists to Cornwall over many years. St Ives has a well-established School Of Painting, as well as the fairly recent arrival of a branch of the renowned Tate Gallery. Not far away, the village of Newlyn, became important in the British Impressionist movement during the 1880s.

If you prefer more theatrical culture, then the spectacular Minack Theatre, just a few miles from Land’s End, is well worth a visit. You can pay a small fee just to look around this amazing open-air venue, or see one of the shows that run during the season from May to September. If the weather holds up, it can be quite an experience watching a quality production while perched on the edge of a sea cliff.

Speaking of Land’s End – it is a tourist hotspot, and does get very busy during the summer, but there are plenty of things to do. Many people go there to get a photo of themselves next to the signpost which was erected in the 1950s. It’s also a great area for hikers and birdwatchers, and there are shops for those who prefer a bit of retail therapy. The Land’s End Landmark even includes a cinema, and an interactive exhibition showing more about the history of the area. There is also a small airfield, from where you can fly to the Scilly Isles, which would make a great day trip.

We can’t mention Cornwall without talking more about the sea, and the surfing. Despite the cold water, people surf here all year round, and many of Cornwall’s beaches provide good surfing conditions. The best beaches are on the north coast, which provides more consistent surf – and the most popular of these is Fistral, in Newquay.

If you’re travelling to Cornwall just for the surfing, it is possible to get flight connections from London to Newquay’s small airport, and there are a few connections to nearby European destinations too. Otherwise, the closest international airports are Bristol and Cardiff, from where you can get public transport or hire a car to Newquay or any of the many lovely spots in Cornwall. Cornwall has many accommodation options from B&B to high end resorts like Trenython Manor – all of which offer exceptional deals if you do your research.

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Important Things for Boat Owners to Know

Stories and Travel Info - Amanda - July 8, 2016

Consider yourself lucky if you own a boat. There are many people who are not fortunate enough to own this type of machine. However, owning a boat is a very big responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Boat owners need to educate themselves about many different things in order to ensure the safety of themselves and anyone else they bring on the water with them. Failure to be an expert in these matters could lead to a tragedy on the water that could have been prevented. Here are some of the areas that boat owners should be educated about.

1. Cleaning the boat

The bottom of the boat will need to be cleaned depending on how much it is used and how long the hull is submerged in the water. You cannot allow barnacles to grow on the side of the boat. These will eventually turn into huge problems for you. Therefore, you will need to learn the various techniques of cleaning your boat. You will also need to find out the best chemicals and equipment to use for this task.

2. Repairing the boat

You do not need to become a master boat mechanic. However, it would definitely be in your best interests to learn some of the basics concerning how to repair common mechanical problems that you may encounter. You should take a few boat repair classes before you start going on the water regularly. Knowing how to fix your boat if it breaks down when you are far from land could save your life. You should also find a good place to buy replacement parts for boats. You want to make sure that you are only using the best quality parts to repair your boat.

3. Safety

A boater safety class is required in some states in order for a person to get his or her boater’s license. However, you should still take a safety class even if you live in an area where it is not required. Common sense is also a big part of safety while you are boating. For example, you should always bring enough life jackets for all of the people on the boat. You should also bring plenty of food and water so you will be able to survive if you are stranded on the water for several days. Safety should always be your top priority when you are boating.

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A Traveller’s Guide to Reno

Best Destinations, Stories and Travel Info - Amanda - June 2, 2016

The state of Nevada is now known as the gambling capital of the world, and Reno is where it all started (legally) in the 1920s. The bright neon lights of Reno’s many casinos have beckoned keen gamers for many decades, with the Eldorado being one of the most popular places for guests to challenge Ol’ Lady Luck.

Yet there is a lot more to see and do in Reno than visit its famous gaming houses. Here’s our guide to The Biggest Little City…

Getting to Reno

A traveller’s guide to Reno

If you want to come to Reno via Las Vegas don’t be fooled by the fact that they’re both known for their casinos and neon lights, as well as the fact they’re both in Nevada. In fact, Reno is about an eight-hour drive away!

If you’re travelling from Las Vegas in a car, take the US-95 and drive north to Fallon, then go west on the US-50 to Fernley, and keep going west on I-80 West until you reach Reno. If like the desert, then you may find the long drive fun. If you’re a passenger and you have no interest in landscapes, then you can always play Red Flush casino games to win some extra spending money and to get yourself ready for the famous felt-green tables.

If you want to travel by plane, then you’re in luck as most major airlines serve Reno-Tahoe International Airport. You will find non-stop flights to and from Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Portland and Seattle.

For the lowest fares, we recommend avoiding flights into Reno on Friday, and out of the city on Sunday.

To get directly to and from the airport, you have a choice of rental cars, taxis, buses and more. All of these ably serve most gambling, shopping, and dining needs.

Things to do in Reno

Besides casinos, there are many things to keep you busy and happy during your stay in Reno. For a touch of culture and history, there’s the Nevada Museum of Art. The current building opened in 2003 and was designed by Will Bruder Architects; a company renowned for their modern ideas and beautiful buildings.

If you’d like a nice stroll, then Idlewild Park is the place to go. While there, you can take in Reno’s Municipal Park Garden, a driving range, and various walking trails. For the kids, there’s a seasonal adventure playground and a skate park.

Casinos and restaurants

The most popular casinos include the Atlantis, Eldorado, and the Silver Legacy and these have great reviews on TripAdvisor. The tropical-themed Atlantis offers a wide range of dining options. These include a great value (only $13!), a steakhouse, and a pizza restaurant, equipped with a real Italian pizza oven.

Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs also comes highly recommended by both locals and visitors, as does Pirate’s Pizza.

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