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Things to Do in Greenland

World Travel - Amanda - July 22, 2016


Move over Iceland; there’s another northern nation nearby. Since a long time ago overlooked by explorers, Greenland is at last gaining its place on the worldwide stage.

Sail Amongst Icebergs

This may appear somewhat unsafe at to begin with, however a standout amongst the most well known things to do in Greenland is to take a chunk of ice cruising visit. A specialist guide explores through the restricted sections between icy masses, conveying you up near one of nature’s most wonderful types of workmanship. While watercraft outings are conceivable whenever of year, summer offers the most untamed water. The bergs are floating southward amid this time, a large number of them softening. You may even detect a whale or two! Vessel treks are only a lifestyle for Greenlanders; you’ll most likely take a watercraft just to get from point A to point B a few times amid your excursion. On the off chance that you do take a visit, remember that there are no official courses, so every trek may take you to another area, similar to a waterfall.

Take a Dog Sledding Tour

While water crafts are well known methods of transport and snowmobiling has to a great extent dislodged pooch sleds, you can in any case encounter this conventional method of transport by taking a canine sledding visit amid your Greenlandic trip. There’s nothing very like the harmonious relationship between a musher and his mutts, the canines’ paws hammering out a cadence over the snow. Despite the fact that pooch sledding is a wintertime journey, the colder temperatures will be made more middle of the road as you taste a some tea while packaged up in a sealskin attire and wrapped in a reindeer skin cover—customary parts of the canine sled experience! Another part of the experience is a substantial measurement of Greenlandic society, as pooch sledding has been a basic piece of myths and legends for a long time. Numerous stories are laced with canine sledding—and you may hear a couple of those stories along the way.


Hike to Norse Ruins

Trekking is a well known distraction all through Greenland. With a scope of various scenes, the landscape is verging on sure to challenge and the untamed wild of numerous territories will pull in those explorers searching for experience out of the way. A portion of the more agreeable climbs will take you to different Norse settlement destinations, where you can even now see ruins. The Norse settled in Southern Greenland, however had everything except vanished by the 1700s. The best saved remnants are in Hvalsey, which was a piece of the Eastern Settlement, close cutting edge Qaqortoq. The remains of Hvalsey church are viewed as the best-protected case of Norse engineering and settlement in Greenland. Different destinations incorporate Brattahlid, Erik the Red’s estate near Qassiarsuk; Sandnaes near Kilaarsarfik; Dyrnaes north of modern-day Narsaq; and Gardar, which was the seat of the Norse bishops.


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