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Budget Travel Tips to Save You Money on the Road



Travel insurance is something you should never journey without, not that anything unplanned will happen on your holiday but as a precaution in case something does happen. A good travel insurance policy will ensure that your health is covered, evacuation incase of accidents and refunds incase your flights are cancelled.

First you have to determine your requirements to determine specific areas you need covering as different companies offer different types of coverage, for a better deal make sure all your basics are covered. For example, if you are with child you need to ensure pregnancy travel insurance is included and relevant for your policy. After creating a list of your requirements then shop for the best deals in the market, have a list of the insurance companies you are interested in and inquire if there are any discounts available and then make your move. If you are not sure of which insurance coverage to take, just ask friends who have traveled before and they may help you make the right choices.


Travelling as a group is always an exciting experience and if you are going to be staying in hotels it is a great idea to take advantage of group discounts in booking hotel rooms. When you book together as a group you are most likely to get the rooms at a cheaper amount than if you booked individually.

Hotels are in business to make money not only from room bookings but also from services such as laundry, food and drinks. They will therefore be glad to have huge groups in their premises to make as much money from other services as possible. As the negotiator of the group, make sure you negotiate and get the best possible discounts. If you are on a tour of the UK visiting England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales then it is likely your tour operator will do this and save money on your behalf.

This money saving trip however requires you to make early bookings to avoid finding hotel rooms fully booked, during the high seasons, hotels would rather book rooms individually rather than offer them to groups. So organize your group early enough to avoid last minute disappointments.


Exploring new cities is always enlightening; imagine the thrill of discovering new territories, visiting ancient attractions, marveling at museum architecture and relaxing in ornamental city parks. It is enchanting but it comes at a price tag. It will cost money to buy entrance tickets, travel from one destination to the next and dining. To save money on a city escapade it is advisable to get a city pass.

Most cities around the world operate on a pass system; the city passes allow you to get unlimited rides in the city buses, visit some attractions for free or on a discounted rate, avoid standing in queues, save money and dine in certain restaurants at discounted rates.

City passes are a great way to explore the major cities around the world without worrying about travelling charges within the cities. It is a great way to save money and explore the city at your own pace, especially if there are a lot of attractions in the city in question. For example, the London Pass is great value as there is so much to see and do in the city you never run out of free entry! You can shop around for the best offers on city passes before purchasing them.


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