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Top 5 Must See Places in Belize

You must be knowing about the Great barrier reef; with its pristine yet intriguing nature, it sure does have everything for the curious tourist. But, did you know about the second best? The Belize barrier reef, in the city of Belize, has caught on really well as a go-to travel destination, not just because of the presence of the reef, but also because of the many wonders it solemnly hides under its guise.

So, follow this guide for your Belize vacation, wherein you get Belize vacation rentals, a place to stay not too far away from the fun, and also a guide to living up to your heart’s desire!

1 Belize Barrier reef

As asserted above, this barrier reef is the second largest reef system in the world, right after the Great barrier reef situated in Australia. It’s a 300 km ( 190 miles ) long part of the Mesoamerican barrier reef system. Thanks to its immense size there are many fun activities to experience like snorkeling, deep sea diving, swimming with the inhabitants etc.

Also, a big portion of the barrier reef system is under the reserve, which ensures that its population is protected from undue poaching. The reserves include 7 full fledged reserves, 450 Cays, and 3 atolls. When you go to the reef, don’t forget to dive into the great blue hole, Belize’s most famous diving point!

2. Caye Caulker

Although it’s not as famous as the Ambergris Caye ( mentioned later ), it’s recognized in its own respect. This place is loved plenty by the hitchhikers and tourists on the move, as it provides them with a place to stay, good food, and also, a lot of great bars and restaurant.

This island is easy to access via a boat or a small plane. But, it’s not a destination meant for sightseeing, but more so for relaxing, after a long and tiresome day looking at all the wonders that Belize has to offer! Also, don’t forget to get your toes wet at their diving spots, which are amongst the best in the reef, thanks to its proximity to the city of Belize.

3. Caracol

Deemed as being one amongst the largest Maya sites in the world, Caracol has much to offer when looking for a place to understand Maya origins! It’s situated high atop the Vaca plateau, at around 300 meters above the sea level, and is known as the largest ancient Maya site in the whole of Belize.

Fun fact: The largest pyramid at Caracol, Canana ( Sky place ), standing tall at 44 meters, is known as the tallest such man-made structure in all of Belize! So much for the technological advancement that the superior Maya race had achieved!

4. Placencia

Placencia has long been a favored destination amongst travelers with an insatiable love for long and sandy beaches, as it provides them just that and more! These white sandy beaches hug the Belize coastline and run for miles on both ends. Also, they house the villages of Maya beach, Placencia and Seine Bight in their vicinity.

When looking for the most well-known travel destination in Placencia, you could put your money on ” The sidewalk”, quite literally! As it’s a conspicuous strip laden with varied types of bars and restaurants, open to scrutiny. Also, when looking forward to enjoying the natural attractions that Placencia has to offer, you could kayak across the Placencia lagoon to see the manatees, crocodiles, dolphins and birds in their natural surrounding.

5. Ambergris Caye

Known as the most beautiful beach, quite rightly so! The beauty of the beach remains a mystery to the traveler, also, it shouts out to them to “let loose”, with flip flops and shorts being the dress code. Due to the sheer beauty of the Ambergris Caye, it would melt away any fatigue that you may have because of the journey.

Also, it’s a great place to relax at; just lie down next to its sandy and pristine beaches, overlooking the ocean, and revile in its exquisite beauty! You just cannot go wrong with this place.

Belize provides you with an experience of the great barrier reef while traveling across central Americas. This ensures that you don’t have to go all the way across the world to experience nature in its true form! Just travel to Belize, a gem hidden away from prying eyes, and experience the magic of the sandy beaches, the long walks across the jungles, and of course swimming with the prideful herd of fishes!

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