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Netherlands travel: gather memories for a lifetime

World Travel - Eric Anderson - March 29, 2018

Don’t let the clichés of the Nederlander frighten you away from planning Netherlands travel. Although motorbikes, wind turbines, and endless flower fields are merely the norm once you get outside the major tourist cities. Act like the locals do and join a bike for an exploration adventure.

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 Nicaragua tourism: Make new memories on a trip

World Travel - Eric Anderson - March 27, 2018

Nicaragua tourism

You can choose from a number of trips and offers designed to show you the country’s best holiday destinations. But so often the experience that stays with you are more subtle. Capturing vision of a monkey in a tree, getting a cool drink while the sky turns light red at sundown, practicing Spanish language in the local market, watching a turtle hatchling scurry to the sea, browsing sailing in isolation, getting distracted by a local fiesta, digging your toes in the sand and getting that tingling feeling that comes with experiencing a new place. This is how memories are made and new activities started. It’s no surprise really that Nicaragua tourism was a nonexistent industry shortly ago but is now the country’s top earner.

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Zimbabwe travel: A Supreme Travel Destination: Places to visit in Zimbabwe

World Travel - Eric Anderson - March 21, 2018

To get fun in our life we need friends, entertainment, games and of course traveling. A visit to any wonderful place is the best thing that we can do to get ourselves rejuvenated so, for this Zimbabwe is the superior travel destination. For Zimbabwe travel regardless of that either you are alone or with your family because the nation has something for everyone. Amazing beaches, fascinating safari tours, and dynamic culture are some of the standard reasons for its reputation.

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Austin Tourist Attractions

World Travel - Eric Anderson - January 3, 2018

Austin, capital of Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S and an amazing place for the holiday destination ideas for people from all parts of the world. These amazing Austin attractions are one such reason for their increase in pace to become a modern city. Hiking, biking, boating, running, swimming and other outdoor activities with fascinating and stunning parks, lakes makes some of the Austin attractions. There are also a lot of places to explore and enjoy this beautiful city filled with skyscrapers.

Some of the famous Austin attractions to make your tour amazing are listed below:

  • State Capitol

This place is one of the best in Austin attractions which is recognized as National Historic Landmark. This place is built of red granite which makes to shine brightly all the way up to the Dome. A wonderful landscape surrounding 17 monuments, gardens and also some good gift shops to purchase a souvenir for your beloved ones.

Austin attractions

“Great walk” is a pleasant shaded path and monument to Vietnam War veterans are some popular places frequently visited by a tourist in Austin attractions with the help of free guides.

  • Bullock Texas state museum

Quality service and wonderful maintenance are done which make its way into Austin attractions. This museum provides free entry to students and charges a little for the visitors. The exhibits are laid out in three floors; it starts with encounters between American and Indian groups and European explorers and settlers. The second floor talks about the fight for independence and Texas as a nation and a state and the third floor is all about ranching, oil, aviation, and the space program

Apart from this, they have two theatres with 4D and 3D. They also have a snack and lunch shop.

  • Texas Memorial Museum

For almost 75 years, the Texas memorial museum has been an educational Bridge way from the university to the greater Austin community. An educative Austin attraction which creates a sense of community. It has a broad range of families looking for an afternoon retreat to students for practical experience.

This place holds a wide range of collection covering biology, geology, paleontology, entomology, ichthyology, and herpetology. Some of the major attractions are dinosaur displays, fossils, minerals, and gems.

  • Austin Duck tour

This is one such adventure in Austin attraction where people can experience a fun and historic narrated tour of downtown Austin in a crazy amphibious odd shaped bus. Once the land tour is over, this bus splash into the water of the Colorado River for about 20-25 minutes.

Wonderful and amazing fun rides on both land and water.

  • Baron springs pool

Famous Austin attraction situated in the heart of Austin covering the 3-acre area. This public swimming pool was once used by the native tribes to heal and bath wounds. The crystal clear water eventually meets the Colorado River aka “Lady Bird Lake” in the shadows of Austin iconic skyline. Cost is also very economical which makes it a popular and most visited place in the Austin attractions.

Austin attractions

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Things to See and Do in Newfoundland

World Travel - Amanda - October 15, 2016


Investigate the clamoring city of St. John’s, kiss the cod and take in some live East Coast music. Here are our main 8 things to see and do in Newfoundland.

Visit Gros Morne National Park

This World Heritage Site is situated on the west shore of Newfoundland and is the second biggest national stop in Atlantic Canada. On the off chance that you just have time for one climb in this stop, ensure you climb to the summit of Gros Morne Mountain. It is here where you will be remunerated with astonishing perspectives of Ten Mile Brook Pond, the Long Range Mountains and Bonne Bay. It’s no less than a 4-hour climb and you move more than 2,265 ft. be that as it may, the opportunity to remain on the second most elevated crest in Newfoundland is well justified, despite all the trouble. Untamed life review is likewise copious in this stop with moose being the most striking creature, alongside caribou, mountain bears, red fox and beavers. Camp, cycle, climb, outing, kayak, swim; the open doors for exercises are unending in this stop. In the winter the recreation center is prominent with skiers, snowshoers and snowmobilers

Visit Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve

If you have come to Newfoundland to bird watch, this is the place to make a beeline for. A huge number of gulls, razorbills, normal murres, dark legged kittiwakes, northern gannets, and twofold peaked and incredible cormorants settle here. In the winter 20,000 scoters, oldsquaw, harlequin, dovekies and thick-charged murres dig in here. It is the most available seabird rookery in North America and the site floods with roosting, jumping and scrambling flying creatures from edge to edge, giving a scene of shading and sound. An understanding site shows guests about the lives of seabirds as you watch them take off from a mammoth review window. Amid the late spring a yearly show arrangement happens with conventional music, moving, sustenance and beverages. With the site open lasting through the year, and the guests focus open from May to October, it is unquestionably worth ceasing here to see the fowls in real life.


Explore St. John’s

The capital of Newfoundland occupies a wonderful site on one of the finest natural harbors in the world. The city is the most established “European” town in North America and the harbor has been utilized by different nations as a base for angling vessels since around 1500. Today the colorful houses paint a picture perfect setting for those wanting to explore the city. It is here where you can join in on the haunted hike and discover the deepest darkest corners of the city.  It is here where you can participate on the spooky climb and find the most profound darkest corners of the city. The city is the place you will discover The Rooms, a gathering of historical centers and craftsmanship exhibitions that tell the history and neighborhood culture. Make a point to visit George Street, the person on foot just road that components eateries and bars, offering live East Coast music. The Basilica of St John the Baptist is found here, Newfoundland’s compositionally most vital building.

Kiss the Cod

It is a custom that started here in this area and keeps on being a long standing tradition that entertains guests from everywhere throughout the world. The custom includes a codfish and also a sort of Newfoundland rum known as screech. The tradition is regularly alluded to as a “Shriek In” and is utilized to welcome newcomers to the island. Guests ought not pass up a major opportunity for this custom and ought to make a beeline for a bar on George Street in St. John’s to take an interest. It must be a Newfoundlander who performs this ceremony and nowadays Cod is hard to find, so any fish will do. Once you kiss the fish, you must repeat a saying and down the full shot of screech, and thus you have officially been screeched-in.


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